How not to have just another year | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It’s a good thing and a rare privilege, that you can’t get for yourself regardless of your influence in life, to make it into a New Year. Many take it for granted and see the year as just another year. It is important for you not to have just another year.
To start with, I always like to reduce my interactions with the outside world on the first day of each New Year. I try to spend some time thinking about the New Year and reviewing the plans I have already drawn. It is a time when I want to speak into the year and hit the ground running.
How you start the year is very crucial because that is what determines if you will have just another year or a really New Year. Do you realise that for a very long time people have been saying Happy New Year to themselves and they don’t necessarily experience a New Year?
Why does that happen? One of the reasons is that we don’t take time out to look at the past year and also think very deeply about how we want the year ahead to turn out.
Now with that, I know some people will immediately say ‘but you can’t determine the future and nobody knows the future!’ That is true to an extent but it is also reflective of how lazy many can be and how they often refuse to take responsibility.
If you want a better year it is important for you to take responsibility for that year. To start with, what are your plans for this year? Do you have any solid, clearly mapped out and written plan? You will notice I didn’t just talk about a plan. I am saying that your plan needs to be clearly mapped out and also written.
You will be deceiving yourself if you don’t have a written plan for a New Year and you think you want to experience a better year. That’s how you will go half way into the year before realizing that you haven’t achieved much.
Please don’t let this year pass just like the previous ones. If you haven’t written a clear plan for this year, it is not too late. Get start now. Pick up your paper and pen. Write what you have to do throughout this year. You may not know everything but write as much as you can think off.
Break the plans into phases or times. Specify what you will do in January and in each of the remaining eleven months of the year. Who are the people that will do these things with you and where will they be done? What will you need and how much of commitment does your dream need?
In order to improve your life you have to check the quality of your relationship. If your relationship network is poor then you should not expect a better life. The kind of people you relate with will determine how far you can go. This is not to say that you should only walk with rich or poor people. When I am talking about the quality of people you relate with, money is certainly not the priority. The quality of their minds is the priority.
When you have written a clear plan and you have changed or ascertained the quality of people in your network, you now have to commit yourself to following the plans rigourously. If you don’t do this then you are not ready to experience a different year. It will be just like the other years when you had a strong energy level in January and by March you had already given up.
Too many other people start with a plan in January but they always abandon it after two weeks into the year. A few people take it into the next month and some remember later in the year to continue. You have to be more disciplined. If you don’t increase your level of discipline this year, you will not get another or better result.
When you set goals for this year, you also need to ensure you are setting bigger goals with timelines. If you set goals you can easily achieve then you are not making any progress. Sometimes you have to set the goals that will stretch you and end up making you a better person.
You can have a better year but that will not happen just because you hope it will. You have to make it a better year because it is up to you. Having a better year also means increased discipline so are you ready for a better year?

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