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There are those who watch their time fly away and there are those who desperately yearn for more time. I am certain that those who seem to yearn for more time have the time they already need. The only thing you need to do is to be sure that you are doing only the things you need to do and not all the things you think you should be doing. As for those who watch their time fly away, there’s no better way to commit suicide.
When you walk the streets on daily basis you can see people who are going nowhere and will not amount to anything in life. It is not because they cannot become great but because they are not responding to the call of greatness within them. I am a strong believer in the fact that there is greatness deposited in everyone. However, I am quick to recognize the fact that the greatness will not jump out on its own.
So how does the greatness come out or how have people become great? The first and probably the most important thing is that the people who become great are not those who watch their time fly away. They are the people who have their time planned and are doing something meaningful with their time.
Excuses people use to watch their time fly away
I don’t know what to do
That you do not know what to do means you are confused. The reason you are confused is because you did not spend the time you had to plan your life. Now you are using your confusion to allow more time fly away. Get serious, sit down and plan your life.
I am still a student
Many think they will be exempted from the principles of life by saying they are still students. Remember that Mark Zuckerberg was a student when he founded facebook and is currently a billionaire under thirty. I have even seen students who are over thirty and are still hanging unto the lame excuse that they are students. Students can do very meaningful things with their life apart from just schooling. 
I just graduated and I am looking for a job
The story changes by the time the finish school. They expect people to just pity them or excuse them because they just finished school. Some other speakers have said they keep wondering what the educational system is doing to our students. Apprentices would go and learn a skill and when they are done they will start something on their own. But our graduates will finish school and most of them only think about getting a job. 
There are no jobs out there
Time continues to fly away because some people have searched for jobs for several years and they still have not thought about what to do. I think that some of them have even lost the use of the brains because other people have started businesses to take care of the resumes of job seekers. So you are looking for a job to help you make money and some people are making money of you as a job seeker while your time is flying away. Unfortunately you now seek the job until you probably clock thirty and your excuse changes to ‘those companies are only looking for young people.’
There’s no one to help me
If there is no one to help you then you should brace up to help yourself. There must be an association you belong to. It could be a non-profit or religious body. And you probably have a family. Think of how you can render services to some of these people in return for something. You may think of an idea and ask them to help you.
The government is not doing anything
If the government is not doing anything is that why your own life should be on hold? Some people keep saying the government is not doing anything and they sit down to watch their lives fly away. The person in government that you are indirectly blaming has done eight years in office and will soon handover to another person. Will you keep watching your time fly away till another eight years are completed? It is not what others are doing to you that is the problem. What you are refusing to do or what you are not supposed to do is the problem.
I have been processing documents to travel abroad
Have you seen people who have spent all they ever had just trying to travel abroad? While there is nothing wrong with going abroad I think some people have also wasted their lives with no result. All the money you have spent to try and travel abroad is what someone has spent and has built a house. You are still a tenant and you don’t even have a good business that keeps you busy all the time. You probably still run to relatives in order to get the money you dash travel agents. Start something while you are here. I once heard a pastor say that if you are a lizard where you are, you will not become a crocodile by going elsewhere. It is not your location that will change your situation. It is your mind.  
I am a young entrepreneur
I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurship and I always want to encourage people to start business as early as possible. Having said that, I also think there are those who still watch their time fly away because they claim that they are young entrepreneurs. They probably spend only a quarter of their time in the business they are doing and don’t have any other thing to do. Be wise. If your business has not become so busy there are other things you can do. That way you can also make more money and not be under pressure. When there are other sources of income to support what you do, it will be easier to push and not give up.
I may not have mentioned what you do to help your time fly away. I guess you’re luck! All you need to remember is that watching your time fly away is a mild way to commit suicide. As you are killing time you are killing yourself.
Stop letting the time fly away!      

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