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There are many people who definitely want to be friends with the kings and Kings in this context does not only refer to the royal people living in the palace but it also refers to the decision makers in key places. We might as well me talking about those who are seen as the major pillars of the society or the owners of businesses providing employment for several thousands who can help you access any door just by giving an instruction! It’s certain we would like to have people within our network who can give us some recommendations and things will turn around in our lives. We obviously would want to be friends with people who form the policies of our country and dine with them such that at some point, we will also be a part of the decision making and also be referred to as kings.
Well I found one secret from the Bible in Proverbs 22:11 which says, ‘He who loves purity and the pure in heart and who is gracious in speech – because of the grace of his lips will he have the king for his friend.’ I think my emphasis will be on the fact that a man can have the king for his friend because of the grace on his lips! What exactly does it mean to have grace on your lips and how does that make the kings your friend?
Grace in this context could be interpreted as the manner of speech. When you say someone carries herself gracefully you are talking about someone who has an admirable carriage so when you say someone talks gracefully you are also talking about the person whose manner of speech is soothing, appealing or admirable such that you like to hear that kind of person out. You just want to listen more and more to that person. Even when the person does not have anything to say you still wish the person would open his or her mouth and continue to talk. Just as we would like to listen to some people over and over again there are also some people we just don’t want to listen to. We don’t like the way they talk and they probably seem to aggressive when they talk so we don’t even want to be around them!
A more vivid picture of someone with grace on the lips or another person without grace on the lips would be the comparison of two people who are born in the same country but in different communities and you will realize that their birth places can influence their speech. While you find one who speaks in a very formal and gentle way you will find the other who is very rough and not polite when he or she speaks. That’s just an example of grace on the lips but there is more to it than that because there is something that adds grace to your lips!
When you speak and there is something for people to hold unto then we can say there is grace on your lips. When you speak and there are solutions to people’s problems then we can say there is grace on your lips. When you speak and the confused suddenly gain understanding then we can say there is grace on your lips! It therefore means that the grace on the lips that we are talking about can be increased through the level of wisdom that you have access to. Grace on your lips can increase based on the understanding that you have! The general grace that a lot of people can have access to is knowledge! Everyone can gain knowledge by going to a school or taking some trainings but not everyone can gain wisdom and understanding that way!
Now begin to think about these things! If the grace – wisdom, knowledge and understanding – on your lips can make you the king’s friend then the question really is, ‘how long will the kings want to be your friend?’
Increase the grace on your lips today and become the friend of kings!
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