How to have a great week | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

How to have a great week | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
So many people begin the week without a plan and expect to have results at the end of the week but they find out that they have not only achieved nothing, they have ended up creating more jobs to attend to for a new week. For some other people they only come to realize that they have spent a lot of money but cannot explain what has happened to the money. They dont know how it went away and still cannot point to anything they did with the money. There are others who just know they are busy all week but cannot say at the end of the week that this is what I have been busy doing.
A lot of us have been in this situation and the funny part is that some people do not really know that they have been in this situation but this article will bring that to your consciousness. If you really want to have a great week then you must have three (3) things all the time in your mind. The three (3) things you must have all the time are:
When you enter a new week without an expectation then you should not expect anything at the end of the week! You really must work with an expectation and your mind carries that expectation all through the week as you go about doing what you are supposed to be doing. When you have no expectation at the beginning of a thing then you should have no expectation at the end!
You should not just expect your week to be great, you should have goals on how to make the week great. If you render a service you have to set goals on the service you render. You can decide to render your services faster than you have always done and you can make more money that way. If you sell goods you should have goals on how to sell more or a better selling strategy. You can always make a list of people you need to call, send emails to or send text messages to. When you have the goals to work with you will have a better organized week. You should set out for the week thinking about how many goods you really want to sell or how many new clients you will like to have.
Dont just have an expectation and dont just have a goal. A goal will not achieve or accomplish itself. It will require human efforts or actions to be accomplished. If your expectations will come to pass, you have to take steps towards making them come to pass. There are certain things we cannot make happen for ourselves but when we make the moves to get something done, our sincerity is usually rewarded by nature. Things dont work until we work. To have results we must work something out for ourselves.
If you constantly follow this plan, you may not get exactly what you want in the first week but as you go by the weeks you will realize that your week keeps getting better. If you are going to really have a great week you must enter the week with an expectation, a goal to materialize the expectation and an action plan to take for a reward!
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