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There are people who already know how to influence you and they are deliberately using their knowledge of influence over you. Some of them are not just influencing you but they have gone a step further to start manipulating you for their own cheap gains. Influence is very powerful and you must never underrate the impact of influence over your life. You have to be conscious of every influence around you and you also need to deliberately start influencing other people. You are a person of influence and you were originally designed to influence people around you positively. If you are not influencing people when it means that you are simply taking all the influences of other people.
Influence is one of your major assignments in life and you have to learn how to influence other people. When you learn how to influence other people then you also begin to make positive impact in the lives of other people. It has been said that leadership is influence. What we now need to know is that if you must lead other people you will need to be able to positively influence them.
When you check your life and the people around you, it is going to be clear to you that over the years you probably have been influencing people unconsciously. You must have been an influence on your siblings, other family members, colleagues at work, friends in the same community or even friends on the social media. Your influence may not have been deliberate but it definitely has an impact on other people.
You need to move from unconscious influence to deliberate influence. I must also say that when you become a person of conscious influence you will become a power broker. In business there are people who deliberately influence the business environment. In politics, there are men and women of influence. Sometimes if you ever want to climb high in life you will need the influence of such people to move up. In the spiritual or religious world as well, there are great men and women of influence.
Here’s how I think you can influence other people:
1. Words – People around you are listening to the things you are saying. And when they are listening to you it means that you are getting an opportunity to influence them. Take advantage of that listening period to influence others positively. Your younger ones are listening. Don’t say the wrong things out of your mouth. Your children are also listening. You have to be very careful with your words. It remains a great tool to always influence other people.
2. Actions – What you do is very important to some people regardless of why you are doing it. They watch the way you talk and the way you walk. They are watching the way you dress or the way you lead the organization you are leading. Some others are watching the way you are doing your business. You have to be careful about acting right nearly all the time. It does not mean you will be perfect. But when you act, be sure that someone is looking up to you and your actions are influencing the decisions of other people.
3. Resources – You can change the way things are with the resources that you have. You can help make the lives of some people better. There are people around you who cannot afford to go to school because they do not have the money. When you choose to sponsor such people you are influencing their lives. As you send them to school you can also mentor them. They will forever be grateful to you. There are people you can also help with businesses. You can give them funds to start businesses and also mentor them to do the business right. In some other cases it may not be money. It could just be about giving them your platforms. Or connections.
4. Skills – Your skills will be great ways to influence other people. You can use your skills to change the lives of other people. Some people do not have any skill. It is a chance for you to impact their lives. Teach them the skills that you have and let them become men and women of skill. If you speak well, teach other people how to speak well. If you are gifted at writing you can also teach other people how to write well. If you know how to play some musical instruments please teach other people. It can also be something like an academy and you might just be collecting a token just so that you have money to run the business place.
There could be other things you will use to influence other people but these are great ways you can start out to influence and then lead other people.
Begin the deliberate influence today and start making a big difference in the lives of other people!

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