How to make noise about what you do! – Fola Daniel Adelesi

You can also call this:
How to do Publicity
Publicity while you are sleeping
Strategic Branding
Business Introduction …
I am going to bug you with all those professional terminologies that get you more confused than you were when you started out on the search for how to promote what you do. This is not just about promotion. It’s about noise and believe me it’s the group that makes the loudest noise that gets all the crowd and most times all the money.
The noise I am talking about here is not in opening your mouth to scream at someone else about what you do but here’s the strategic noise:
1. How many cars do you see daily? Do you know how far they go on daily basis? How many stickers with business names and pictures do they carry? If you can’t answer these questions then you are already missing an opportunity to make noise about what you do.
Thousands of cars are at the motor parks daily. Thousands of people will go there to board them to their places of work. You read the inscriptions on these cars and you admire the pictures on them so why is your business inscription, logo, name or picture not one of those stickers that you read on moving vehicles? Why are your stickers not on:
– doors of vehicles?
– doors of offices?
– door posts of cybercafe?
– door posts of coffee shops?
– door posts of grocery stores?
– door posts of salons?
– door posts of restaurants?
– door posts of hotels
– in between the newspapers/magazine before the vendor starts selling?
-door posts of boutiques?
– the lecturer’s office?
-the catalogue of automobiles
-inside free newsletters/magazines
– at the door post of the post office
– souvenirs in churches and public gatherings – conferences, seminars, workshops …
And you know the good thing about the stickers is that once some of them stick it will take an eternity to remove them! One sticker will be seen by thousands of different people in different places at different times. It does not even matter if you are sleeping or you are awake. That is how to publicize what you do while you are sleeping. The Stickers cannot talk but they say a whole lot for you!
hey! I will not say everything now! Come back and read the rest here!
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