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This message is simple and the content is not complex but the challenge I have here is that the effectiveness of this message’s simplicity will absolutely depend on how well you can see into the future using your eyes and how much faith you have built within you to tap into the things that do not seem real for now but can be created using your mouth! In this world if you are ready to succeed you must be ready to use you mouth and I must say that having a big mouth is really a big gift! If you have been abused or mocked before now that you have a big mouth then you need to go back to all those people who mocked or abused you and show then the need to have a big mouth! I guess you will also need to say in a way that they will have to get jealous about your big mouth because it will start working for you by the time you are done reading this article!
I have always know that from speaking you can make things happen for yourself and I have also said in some of my blog posts on that a closed mouth is a closed destiny which means that when you do not open your mouth to say what you want then you will have to remain content with what you see in life. I like the fact that even when the Almighty God was to create the earth he did nothing but speaking and all he ever said began to appear before him. He did not have budget according to what we have read in the Bible when he wanted to start creation! He only had words and we have seen how far He could go with words which is why I need to remind you that you should not just have a big mouth that you only use for eating but you must now begin to use that your big mouth for speaking into your future to create the kind of life that you want to have! You must never let things slip by you and you must not just watch other people succeeding around you!
When you just wake up and you listen to all the things that are going on you will not get very encouraging news because the journalists who must make money will tell you all the bad things happening around the world! I must also tell you that I was a student of communication and one of the things we were taught is that good news is not news but bad news is good news because bad news sell faster and being in publishing is about writing to make money so they write those things that get your attention fast! When all of that now sink into your mind then you will likely start confessing those things but that must stop and you need to start using that big mouth of yours to change what you want to see and the things that we happen in your life in years to come.
One of the things I have been saying with my big mouth is that I am an employer of labour and I look forward to being the biggest employer of labour in my country and in Africa. Moving on from there I am going to build houses for several people who don’t have houses and will give to them for free so that they can have a roof over their heads and there’s the estate I will also build to sell to those who have the money to be able to buy. I know some people will start asking, ‘what if I say something and it does not happen?’ Well that’s why I told you that the message is simple and the content is not complex but it depends on your faith and ability to see into the future.
The other way to handle how the things you say will come to pass is that you must always believe things cam be conditioned with your mouth! When you say things today they go into your future to start working and make sure what you say is delivered to you! What have you been saying with your mouth or have you just been keeping shut all along! Say it! Whatever big dream you have in your mind or any great idea you want to see yourself working on is something you must say so that you can see it!
That your mouth is too useful to be a part of decoration on your head! Open that your big mouth now and start using it!
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