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Starting from today I will be publishing a short series titled Goshen is good, but Canaan is the promise. Today I will simply give a reminder on how we got to Goshen without belabouring the issue in anyway. When we don’t look back once in a while to trace our journey, it just might be hard for us to realize how we got to where we are and what can take us to the next level that we should be in.
I think that the journey of the children of God to Goshen began with the dream that God gave to a young man called Joseph. He had the dreams repeatedly about how all his brothers bowed to him. He shared the dreams and it definitely didn’t go down well with all his brethren. You may read more from an article I title Envied for his Dreams.
From the day he got and shared those dreams, they thought about what to do with him. You probably know the rest of the story about how he was sold into slavery and how he became the chief slave in Portiphar’s house until he went to Prison. Finally from prison, he interpreted dreams for two people and the results were the exact thing that he said. We also know that he became Prime Minister because the king was troubled and one of the men that Joseph had interpreted dreams for in prison remembered to recommend Joseph for the solutions to the King’s dreams.
After all of these envy, selling to slavery, going to prison and interpretation of dreams, famine came into the land. It was then that we realized God had shown Joseph what will happen many years ahead and how God had positioned him somewhere in order to save his lineage. His brothers were so myopic and all they could think about was the fact that they did not want to bow to him. While they were thinking of how not to bow to Joseph, God was thinking about how to preserve them using Joseph.
When famine became so strong in their land, they had no choice but to go into another land where they had heard there was abundance. They did not even know that it was their brother that God had used to create the abundance in that land. Will they have gotten the kind of treatment they got if the custodian of the food was not their brother? What’s the guarantee that the people who did not even know them would have sold food to them?
To make things easier for them, Joseph did not want them to keep coming back to buy food. He wanted them to be where the food was. He requested that his father be brought into Egypt and he also went to Pharoah to ask for a place for his people. That was how the children of Israel – Jacob – a present day spiritual lineage for us – got to a place called Goshen.
A number of interesting things happened while they were in Goshen. God carefully protected them and provided for them. None was sick and none was barren. The people multiplied and their cattle also multiplied. They became so great that even the Egyptians were afraid of them. Everything seemed fine until there arose a king in Egypt who did not know Joseph.
… this series will be continued. Please check back for the next in the series which is titled ‘Goshen is good, but Canaan is the promise.’       

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