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For years now I have had people teasing me about becoming a pastor but I just look at them and I think some of them say that because they don’t know the seriousness involved. It is in this time and age that it has become so fashionable to say that you are a pastor. The glamour and the charade of prosperity have taken over the burden that a pastor bears for his congregation in the hearts of many.
It’s now okay to be a pastor because it looks like an easy way out of poverty for some. They think you just need to know how to talk and know what to say then the pockets of the people will respond to you.
Recently I began to tell some of those teasing me that I don’t even have a problem with being a minister of the gospel but there is something that is more important to me. When it comes to leading people in the spiritual arena, you need to understand that the people have spiritual problems and you must either proffer a solution by God’s means or know how to get God into the situation to fix the issues.
That simply means you will not just be a pastor or whatever title by mouth. Your calling or ministry must be backed up with signs and wonders. There must be proof that God called you in the lives of the people and not in your own life alone.
While so many people who want to become church leaders are looking out for themselves, the people they want to lead are expecting that you can speak with God on their behalf and things will happen for them.
The real question is how will they know that God called you or sent you to do what you are doing if they cannot see signs and wonders? How will they know God sent you if they cannot rise out of obscurity or poverty? How will you prove that you were sent by God if you are with the people and their lives don’t improve in anyway?
What I did was to begin to secretly desire that if God will ever say he wants to use me in the ministry, let him prove to the people that he called me. Let me never be a figure head over the people.
I pity some of those we call pastors today. They are just preachers and not pastors. What’s the difference? Anyone can mount the pulpit and preach to the people without a spiritual obligation to stand in the gap for the people and ensure their lives are improving while moving closer to heaven.
Many pastors have become mere preachers in their own churches. So when the members have some real issues, they know where to go. They know the other pastors that they can call who will really stand in the gap for them.
Are you still a pastor or just a preacher to your own people? What in your life and ministry is proving to them that you are the one God sent to them? After all He promised to give them a pastor after His heart and a genuine passion for the people.
Shouting on the pulpit that God called you is not the way to prove that God called you. When you see a king’s son or daughter in Africa you can tell from a distance. He or she stands out. When the people see someone who is called of God and sent to them, they should feel it.
I think people should get back to real pastoring and not just preaching to the people on Sundays alone. Check your heart pastor and check your calling. Be certain about your call and do what God called you to do so you will not lack proof in your ministry.
If you are wondering how relevant this is to you, go and check the life of Moses. When God called him and sent him to his countrymen and the king of Egypt, he asked God questions like ‘how will these people know you sent me?
Anyone who is called of God must not lack proof!

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