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If we only look at what the country is not doing right and forget to mention the things we are not doing for the country, then we are being deceitful. Often times, the things the country is not doing right comes as a result of the things we could have done that we did not do or what we ourselves are not doing.
Whatever country you are from, you have a role to play in the development of the country. For us in Nigeria we have been facing a number of challenges and some of them have been unnecessarily prolonged. There’s the issue of terrorism under the guise of religion and there is the issue of corruption being celebrated in the name of politics.
So many things don’t seem to be working and we can go on and on to draw up a list of all the things that don’t seem right. While those things don’t really look right, they still present us the opportunity to do a few things that we can in our ways and make sure we impact the country.
You should not get this wrong. Impacting the country is not usually about making a big impact on all the people of the country at once. The impact you are making on the country can just be through one person who will have a greater influence on the nation.
I remember the story of a former president in Nigeria who was visiting a town in his official capacity as the president. As his convoy was moving, he suddenly told the driver to stop. As if that was not enough breach of his own security, he went a step further by getting out of the car. He simply came to one of those standing on the road and asked, ‘do you remember me?’ The old man he was talking to did not remember him again but the president said to him, ‘I used to be your student. Thank you for teaching me well.’
That man taught the students who passed through him well and one of them became the President of the nation. I believe that you have you own sphere of influence and there are people you meet on daily basis. There are people passing through you and you get a chance to make impact in the lives of those people. What have you done or how have you seized the opportunity to make an impact in the lives you meet daily.
It may always seem like you can’t do much because you don’t have a lot of money. I bet you don’t need all the money in the world to make a difference. You certainly know that the teacher who taught the president did not have all the money in the world. You will always get a chance to do something unique especially if you are deliberately looking for that opportunity to make a difference.
Sometimes we don’t have to go too far in the effort to make a difference in our countries. We just need to do things right in our own family. There are families that have done well in raising some giants with the right values. If you do well enough to raise your children with all the needed moral values then you have done something for that country that you are in. when you treat others well on daily basis, it may not mean much but I think that it will mean you have made life easier for someone else around you.
Despite all those little things we can do which ultimately impact the nation, I still challenge everyone reading now to take it a step further. Think of what you can do that will seriously affect the nation positively. Start by affecting yourself. Move to your family and extend it to your community. From the community you can then go to the town and gradually the state until your impact has become national.
Impact is not always about something really big. It’s just something that has to be effective and consistent until it gets the desired result. What are you doing now or what will you do to impact your country?

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