How young people can make a change.

Many of us do not like what we see around us but the last thing we ever do is to change it. I think that is the beginning of failure and that is what what we hate still remains around us. if you do not want the things you see around you, don’t just watch and hope it would change. There must be a work plan that will determine what you are going to do to change it.
We have such an amazing power of creativity inside us to change the way things work around us. Only lazy people go about and say that is the way things have been working and that is the way they are going to continually work. I have come to discover that things around us are dependent on our actions and inactions. What I mean is that the circumstances that we like depend solely on the things we do and the things we do not do.
Do you want you country to change. Start by changing the small things around you. Before you think too far about any small thing to change, let me help you ny saying that your habit should be the first thing to change. Change what you think about and change what you talk about. Change the things that get your attention before you plan to change a nation. Can you remeber how difficult it was for you to break a habit that you desired to break some years back? Do you remember that habit of yours that you are still struggling to break? If so, then you must accept that things are not just going to change by the stroke of a magic thought. If it is not so easy to change yourself when you want to, it is not going to be so easy to change the people around you. many people do not find it easy to change themselves yet they want to change a nation.
 I think the best way I have changed people around me is that I changed myself. People are watching you. Some of them do not expect you to change so your change is going to be like a miracle to them. when you change they will change. Just change yourself and see how many people will tell you later that you were the one who changed them
That is one simple way young people can change their nations. Go ahead now. Do it!

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