How your children are lured into different types of abuses | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Many parents are moving into fast-paced cities or are already living in those cities characterized by heavy traffic, busy communities, residential areas turning to business districts, several shopping malls, or a one-stop-shop kind of estate where you get all that is needed within your estate from work to personal daily needs.
Some other parents are getting really busy with building a business that they intend to leave for their children at the expense of raising those same children. A few parents are getting really busy with religious activities and raising the children of other people while their own children are being bruised on a daily basis.
All the things that parents do in order to justify the time they do not have with their children always sound reasonable until something goes wrong. It makes perfect sense for parents to leave the house before their children wake up and return when they are asleep until you return one day to realize your children are strangers! That’s when parents begin to ask questions like, ‘when did you change? When did you become like this?’ Those children never changed! That’s it. You never knew them. You were watching them from a distance and you thought you were raising children.
Having noted that all the excuses parents give not to be available for their children always sound right, I can now say that the number one reason your children are lured into different kinds of abuses is the fact that you’re not available! You’re not available to talk to your children and they will always look for someone to talk to. You’re not there when they intend to open up and they will open up to other people. The problem is that they will not just open up to other people, they begin to open up to the people who are abusing them or giving them the wrong counsel.
For the girls, they may open up to people they trust who will, in turn, take undue advantage of the trust to abuse them sexually. For the men, someone may give them the impression that they just need to man up by taking drugs or joining some cult groups.
Whenever parents are even at home with their children, they’re too busy trying to get some rest and they can’t even observe the fast but abnormal changes occurring in their children. There are people who have had to give up their careers to ensure their children turn out well. There are those who would never do anything like that even when other comfortable alternatives are presented to them. Their careers or business will always be more important to them than any other thing in life. They claim to love their children but not enough to leave the job that’s taking all their time. After all, they are working to make life easy for the children.
Let me be quick to say that it is not everyone who will have to quit their jobs just to take care of their children or to ensure they have quality time with them. You may be able to find other ways around it.
If your children are still young, now is the time to open up communication channels with them and ensure you keep that channel open. When you spend quality time with them, be sure to listen in between the lines for what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. Quality time with your children is not about taking them to see movies or taking them abroad! It is about bonding with them to discover the new them! You want to see if you’re abreast of what’s happening in their lives and to help them continue on the right trajectory in life.
So long as you do not have time for your children, someone else will create that time and give what more than what they bargained for.

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