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From time to time I have seen the mind at work and by this I do not mean that I saw the physical mind but I saw the results of what was going on in my mind and that has consistently proven to me that you can always use your mind to get solutions.
There were times when I just had things in my mind and before I realize it, the things I thought about were already in my hands or were in the visible process of becoming what I thought about. Severally I have talked about how I became the Senior Prefect of Mayflower School, Ikenne. For the purpose of this subject I would just say again that I was a first year student in the junior class when the thought first came to my mind. The way it happened was that I saw the Senior Prefect then walking in front of me and I remembered all the good things he was doing. I also remembered how he had a very strong personality and before I knew it I had said to my friends that I was going to become the Senior Prefect of my set in final year.
At that time, nothing around me aligned with what I said. I was not among the most brilliant students going by the results of examinations and at some point it really got worse. After my first year in the senior class I was asked to repeat the class because of my grades so I thought my dreams would never come to pass. Guess what happened, after I started repeating the class my spoken English improved great by virtue of a new English teacher coming to our school and my personality grew stronger. When it was time to contest in elections I did and against all odds – I was not a science student and I had repeated a class before – I still emerged the winner. At the end of it all I learnt that events may not seem to agree with you now but what is in your mind will still in a way dictate the events in your life.
When I was about to finish school I had fallen so much in love with computers and I wanted a personal one but I did not tell anyone about it. I just desired it and then my writing skills had also improved so I was writing very often. By the time I got home after my final exams, it was a computer that my dad bought for me and it was really amazing to me. I never mentioned to him that I wanted a computer! I just had it in my mind. As a matter of fact I think I did not mention it because I think his budget at that time would not have accommodated it. Today I realize that your mind does not recognize whose budget is low or big. It just brings to you what you were thinking about. I am so grateful that the budget constraint was not in my mind but the computer was always on my mind!
Around the year 2004 I strongly desired to have a website but I was getting some ridiculous prices from different people. I tried severally to get it from different people but I just was not getting something favourable but in February 2007, a friend of mine, Oluwakorede Asuni began to talk about blogging and that sounded very interesting. We agreed to go into a cyber café where he taught me how to blog. The site was already up and I had started uploading my articles before I remembered that it was what I had always thought about but something is different here. The solution in this case did not just come like the previous ones. Someone, Oluwakorede Asuni, had to walk into my life before I got the solution. What this means for me is that when you begin to think about some things, the people who have the capacity to do them will come into your life. Unfortunately this can also be negative. When you always think about negative things then people who have the capacity so achieve that negative thing will also surface in your life before you know it.
The last example of how our minds produce solutions is what happened to me when I went for my National Youth Service. I came of out a relationship about 6 months before that time and I really wanted to get into another relationship where I was posted to. When I got to the orientation camp I met a young lady and I just got talking with her. I had nothing on my mind for her when I first saw her and I did not deliberate orchestrate anything. Somewhere along the line her mobile phone was stolen I had two so I just willingly offered her one of my own. I did not ask her for her phone number or any other detail. I just gave her the phone and went my way. She was so surprised by that and was wondering what kind of person would give out his phone and not ask the receiver any question so she began to look for me. Today the rest is history because she has met my family and I have met her family.
Your mind is a power house and it has a way of making things happen for you so you need to be very careful. Dear friends, be conscious of what goes on in your mind because you will soon have it in your hands!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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