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If half of the people who are in a love relationship are truly humble, they would be having half of the problems they are having right now and that means they have less things to worry about. One of the things we need to pay attention to in a relationship is the fact that the people we are in love with will say some of the things that no other person can say to us. They may have the intelligence to say them nicely and give them a soft landing and in some cases, they just may run out of patience to sugar coat what needs to be said and lay it bare!
We sometimes hear some things from our spouses that we do not like not because they are not true but because we do not like the way they were presented. Some people say, how can you talk to me like that? Just shut up! Is it because I brought myself so low? Relationships will teach us true humility only when we have gotten close to some people and they see beyond all the make-ups that others see in the public. If the people who are watching us from a distance cannot come close enough to tell us the truth about issues, we are going to need the people who are the closest around us to be able to do that. If your relationship cannot break your ego and open issues to you, Im of the opinion that you should not be in that relationship because it means one person is not seeing well enough to know what to tell you or both of you are just pretenders!
If we check some of the issues in our relationships we will realize that they started when we began to have problems with the way someone said something to us or how someone acted towards us. A lot of people get into a relationship without realizing what they have to give up and when they get into it, they begin to demand respect from the other person and also state how they should be addressed or how they should be treated! You must understand that when you are truly ready to get into a relationship, your proof of readiness will be your willingness to give up your ego!
You can afford to put your ego in the face of some people who are not your close associates and also try to prove something to them about your social status but you cant do that with your spouse! Sometimes, if you are a business man, every other person may not be able to look into your eyes and tell you that some of your business decisions are terrible and will get you into a mess but your spouse must be able to tell you without fearing anything! If you are a public figure with a lot of acting up to do in front of the cameras so that you can create and impression, you have to be humble enough for your spouse to talk to you about issues not known to the public or even known to them but shielded by your fame!
We should not let what we are get in the way of being who we should be with our spouses! If you are Mr. President of a country, you have to acknowledge that you are first a husband or a wife at home and must allow truth to be said in probably the crudest manner by the only person who can say it that way to you! If you get into a fight every time your spouse is trying to tell you something, you need to check your ego and I must say as well that whatever needs to be said should not be said anyhow! Learn that there is a way to say things, there is when to say certain things and there is how to also say those things. When you have to say or have to listen, dont let your ego get in the way of your love!
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