Hungry for impact – Fola Daniel Adelesi

We keep hoping that things will change and then we keep hoping that the person who will change things will come. when it looks as if the person is not forthcoming then we begin to pray for the person to come in time but something that seems to be missing in our various communities is not being addressed and things may continually fall apart if we don’t address them right now.
Why in the first place did things fall apart? They fell apart because our values began to change and when our values began to change our results also began to change because the outer results must correspond with the inner workings and calculations. We as human beings used to be hungry for impact but in the world today we have left the thirst for impact and are now expecting other people to impact our lives. Why did we leave the thirst for impact? Why did we go after the thirst for self satisfaction rather than helping someone to get out of pain?
We are always thinking about making our world a better place but we have forgotten that the easiest way to make our world a better place is to make it a better place for somebody else first and then it would be better for us.
What have you come to this earth to do? Why are you in the community that you live in? why are you working in that office where you work? You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you think you are only in that office just to get paid. You may be getting a fat pay cheque but you a loosing a life time opportunity to impact someone you are supposed to impact.
If you are not happy about the things that going on around you I must say it is so because you are not yet hungry for impact. How can you live for 5 years in a place and nobody knows you or has ever felt the impact of your activities? How can you be in the same class with someone and they have nothing to remind them about you when you all have to do indifferent directions? What will be said about you when you think it is time to leave a place? Would they be glad that you are leaving because you had no impact or maybe you had a negative one? Would the people be sad that you are leaving because they are thinking they would have to do a thorough job to get someone as effective as you are? Being hungry fir impact is not about you having several choice cars at your disposal. This is not about getting the best of apartments in the most luxurious spots in the cities.
Your hunger for impact is proven in the lives of those who think they would not have made it without your contribution. Imagine someone getting a free house from you instead of you owing more than two homes when someone else would be homeless! Imagine restricting yourself to two cars when you want more than three just to pay the school fees of that child that does not have an idea of what to call a future! Imagine deciding to wear some cheap clothes so that you could clothe some naked people! Imagine the joy of a man who was born to write getting a dream laptop from you! Imagine a man who was born to sing getting your sponsorship for his first album. Imagine the people who should sleep with empty stomach going to bed rejoicing because of the food stuff in your house that you split in half and sent to them! What message can you preach to hungry people without feeding them?
Life has a barrage of problems just as it has a barrage of opportunities but we are not getting the opportunities because we always do not want to be a part of the problem solving. Everybody is busy with his or her personal problem and we have refused to think about others. When we don’t think about others we would be amazed that others will not think about us and since we are not designed to live like islands will be grounded. Relax about some of your problems and lend a helping hand to others. The next person you are helping may be your long awaited solution. Even if the person is not, what do you stand to lose by helping someone in need?

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