I AM NOT EVERYBODY -Fola Daniel Adelesi

One major thing we all have to fight is the problem of virtually everybody. The reason I call it the problem of everybody is because nearly all the people living on the face of the earth would have at one time or the other be pressed to do something not because they really feel like doing that thing. At one time or the other we have been pressed to buy something not because we need that product but because someone else is buying it or worse still because everybody is buying it. You get into a bus and everybody is buying candy or sausage so you also buy it because you don’t want to be left out of the buying!
I think one of the most disheartening things is to also choose a direction because everybody is going in that direction. You go to your right when everybody is going to the right and you go to your left when everybody is going to the left. When you get on the move you just keep moving because everybody is moving not because you have a reason to keep moving. When everybody stops you also stop not because it is time to stop but because everybody has stopped. When everybody is looking you also stop to look and when someone stops to ask you what you are looking at you say you don’t really know but if you would be sincere you would realize that you have been looking at everybody!
Can you just spare a minute to take an inventory of your daily activities? Would you also do me the honour of writing the reason for those daily activities of yours? How many of them are being done because you have a personal conviction for those things? Can you see! So here we go! You are doing what everybody does because everybody is doing it and you also do it where everybody does it when everybody is doing it!
How can you be different from everybody when you are doing what everybody is doing? How can you move ahead of everybody when you are moving with everybody? How can you be healthier when you eat what everybody eats? Unfortunately it is very difficult for so many people to get away from this syndrome of everybody because they are in love with everybody!
The earlier you realize that you are not everybody the better. I am not everybody! I have a name. I have an identity. I am separate from the crowd. The people who respect everybody instead of respecting their unique and separate identity are people who have a problem with the value of their identity in the absence of everybody. How can you think that you are a nobody when everybody is not there? Some people do a job because everybody is doing it so they are failing not because they are supposed to fail. They are failing not because they do not know anything. They are failing not because they are not in the right place. They are failing because they did what everybody did so they cannot be left out of the result that everybody is having. Everybody is failing so they must be failing! Are you everybody? Oh you said, ‘no’ so why are you doing what everybody does?
Fola Daniel Adelesi.

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