I dare you to fire yourself – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Do you know why some things are not working for you right now? I will explain it using the example of a plane. No matter how small an air plane is, it is only supposed to use the run way for a while and then start flying. If the plane refuses to plane because it is a small one, there would be problems. There would be problems not because the plane is small but because the plane has refused to fly and it would crash into buildings after running through the run way.
The illustration of the plane explains what some people are. They think they are small so they want to make the run way their permanent flight space. It does not matter how small you are. The important thing is that before you get to the end of the run way you must start flying or else you crash.
Some people want to be dared before doing some of the things they are supposed to be doing and the moment somebody dares them they take up the challenge of that person. The next time you see them you almost would not believe it was the person you dared the previous time you spoke because they most likely would have gone far beyond what you think they would be able to do.
If that’s what you need then I am daring you to fire yourself. When I say fire yourself it would mean different things to different people. Some people know they are not supposed to be where they are right now. May be they are supposed to be running their own companies but they are staying glued to the bank jobs or the offers in the oil companies thinking they are living a good life. I dare you to fire yourself. Some of the folks in the banks know that they are misfits in those halls just sitting behind a desk and counting other people’s money for several endless hours. You have the urge to leave but you are thinking about the offers of the bank right now instead of thinking about what you will eventually gain if you take up the challenge of weathering the storms of stepping out to start something new. I dare you to fire yourself.
There some people who are presenting programmes on other people’s television stations. That’s not a bad idea but some of them are supposed to be running their TV or radio stations rather than looking forward to being the famous presenter. Don’t limit yourself to being a famous presenter when you can be the famous owner of a TV or radio station. Step out from the cubicle that you are celebrating right now. You are supposed to by flying. Don’t make the run way your permanent flight space because the run way is too small for you to fly.


  1. Good work you are doing here.
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