I want to be like you – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

If you are a good public speaker I am sure you would have heard these words over and over again. You may not be a public speaker. You are probably just extremely skillful at one game or the other. You are probably the role model for the guys on the street and people keep coming to you to say I want to be like you.


One Sunday morning after preaching a very wonderful message, a young lady came to me and for a moment was speechless before she finally said, “…I want to be like you.” I hear this always but this will not make me reduce the quality of my speech delivery.


Where I am going to is not the beautiful delivery that you admire so much. People may display dexterity in an amazing manner but there is more to the display of dexterity that you admire. The people who want to be like me don’t know what I go through. The people you want to be like have some things they don’t ever say in the public because it remains a source of sorrow to them yet you admire them.


To get what I have you must be ready to pay the price that I have paid! I remember some people came to, me after the last business meeting that I organized, simply because they wanted to gain some things and they wanted to be like me. They heard the beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking business lectures but they never knew that while they were talking to me about their admiration, I was thinking about the debt incurred.


If we know what our “role models” are really going through, we will not want to be like some of them. This is not to discourage you. All I intend to say is that you have to be yourself so that when you face some challenges, you still have enough courage to fight on. You sure don’t have enough courage to go through the stress of trying to be like somebody else.


The only person I admire so much that I will pay anything to be like is me because there is a “me” on my mind that beyond description.

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