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I just wrote about bitter leaf and sugarcane yielding different results after receiving the same rain and probably in the same quantity and at the same time in the same region. Taking it further down the line I will want us to also learn an important lesson with ice and cement under the sun. Think about the ice from snow or the ice from your refrigerator and also think about the cement already mixed with sand, water probably gravel. When the sun comes up what will happen to both of them? You know it, right? I am sure you will say the ice melts while the cement becomes stronger! Is there something we can pick from that? Let’s see!
When you bring the ice out of the refrigerator, it can be so cold that you will not be able to touch it with bare hands. When you finally make attempts to touch it, you will find that it appears so hard and you may almost think it is unbreakable. Hold the thoughts about the ice for a while and think about the cement. Just before mixing it you can put your bare hands into it. You can pick dirt out of it and pour water to mix very well. By the time you are done mixing and you want to either make a block with it or cement a house, you will guard it so jealously because you want no one to touch it. You know that if anyone touches it then there will be trouble because everything you tried to put together will crumble. After a while you will not need to guard it any more. It would have been strengthened by the sun.
What exactly melts the ice in the sun that also solidifies the cement on a building or in a brick? Have you ever pondered on this at all? Did you ask why the same sun will make one thing melt and make the other stronger? I am sure that answers are flooding your minds right now. Well, if we are both thinking in the same direction then I guess we will both say that it is the heat from the sun that will make the ice melt and as well solidify the cement.
For us as human beings, what lessons can be learnt from this? For me I will say that challenges come at us with their substances – like the heat from the sun – but what finally happens is not dependent or determined by those challenges. You remember it is not the sun that actually determines what happens to either the ice or the cement? It is the potential in them that determines what happens to them. It is also the same thing for us as human beings. When life’s sun comes at us with the worst heat ever, what comes out of us is the potential in us.
We also know that the finest gold can only be admired on the shelf or in a safe having gone through fire! As it stayed in the fire its beauty came out and it was moved out for a price tag. There is no gold that gets a price tag without the fire phase. Just as the strength of the house cannot be determined until the cement has been under the intense heat of the sun.
When the heat of life comes at you, as I expect it to do, don’t melt like the ice! Become stronger like the cement. Let the potentials in you come out and stay strong. But remember, if you have not put the right content in there, you will not come out better like the cement under intense heat or gold inside fire! I believe you can make it to the other side through the heat or the fire!

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