Ideas need wings to fly │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

When I was much younger I only had ideas and I thought that all I needed was just a good idea to get things started! As soon as I began to talk about my ideas to other people and as well anticipated their support, I realized that it was a different ball game entirely. I didn’t understand why people would not instantly support a nice or a good idea that was glaringly profitable. Later I came to the understanding that ideas need wings to fly! There is nothing mechanical about getting ideas off the ground. You can have a flash of inspiration in a moment but to get the inspiration from your imagination into reality you will go through a carefully thought out plan of convincing other people.
There are different kinds of wings that ideas need in order to fly and some of those wings include:
1. People – There is nothing you can do when you do not have the people who believe in you or the people who will encourage you to do what you like to do. You will need people to counsel you and you will need people to share their experiences with you about how the succeeded or failed. You will also need recommendations from people to other people in order to succeed.
2. Structure – Several ideas fail because the visionaries have first failed at putting the ideas into proper structures and have a clearly set out structure is one of the ways to ensure continuity for any business or any type of idea you are trying to work with. Let me say that it may be very difficult to start out with structures and that may also kill the business but you must make it grow such that it will then take a shape and can run with or without you in the business. There should be a ‘how-this-idea-works’ or ‘how-this-business-must run’
3. Money – You will need the money that you probably don’t have and what that implies is you have to go to those who have the money to convince them about releasing their money to you. What will you convert your ideas to in order to convince people to release their money? How best can you package the idea such that people will accept it and support you? You must consider ways to best sell your idea in exchange for the money it will need to take off and fly
4. Plans – There are those who think they have ideas and they never plan for the idea. They have also forgotten or simply do not know that nothing works beyond the plan that you have so if you have no plan then there will be nothing for the idea to fly with. You need to have a plan for what to do when the ideas starts off and in the mid life of the idea.
5. Foresight – To have foresight is a key issue in any business and that will also determine if your business can live longer than others or if it will die shortly. What foresight does for you is that you can easily see what will become a challenge for others and you also start preparing for the solution. Those who run with ideas without foresight easily get into trouble before thinking about what they can do to get out of the problem but those who run with foresight see issues ahead and prepare for them.
When you learn to make these wings available for your ideas then it may be easier to get your ideas off the ground. Ideas need wings to fly to get those wings mentioned above for your ideas now!

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