If all you have is a head! – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I always think that if all you have is a head, you can make a head way in whatever you do. May be you didn’t get that so I will say it in another way. All you need to be the head in whatever you do is your head. If you still don’t get it then I will let you know what I used to do. When people asked me where my office was at the time I had just started public speaking I would think and say to myself that for now my head is my head office and my cell phone is my branch office. Come to think of it. Don’t you have a head office if you have a head!


A lot of people wake up in the morning and they say that they need money and they need connections to be able to get things done. They keep looking for the Mr. Right who will be their God-sent saviour in the establishing of the dreams they have always had. They sometimes think about what they are trying to do and they end up thinking about the people who seem to be more privileged than they are. Sometimes they have imagined that God is so partial to have put some people in rich homes and some others in poor homes but it remains and imagination they cannot voice out. If you have been thinking that God is partial because some were born in rich homes and you were not then let me ask you if God was partial by giving everyone just one head?


This is the way I have come to think about this issue. When a professional table tennis player was to play when we were in high school, he would tell the amateur he is playing with that they were going as far as 21 and he wants to assume that the amateur is having 10 to hi credit in the game. Why would the professional player give away 10 points before the commencement of the game? He knows his ability and he knows that he will catch up with the points given away. In a number of cases he also knows that he will still win. This is what I mean. If someone was born in a richer home than I was born in, since God chose my parents and he knew the resources they had before sending me to them, then I presume that God knows I have the ability to make up for the difference in my family’s wealth and the other family’s wealth. It simply means that in some cases I can survive in a more severe condition than that other child who was born in a richer home because I could not God would have sent me to a better place where they have all I need to survive until I can use my head.


People always forget or simply do not know that the most important capital that anyone needs is a head and thank God everyone has a head. The only reason I believe you cannot make a head way in life is if you do not have a head. If you have a head you can move ahead against all odds to be the head. If you have a head and you have no money, use your head to think about what other people can pay for. You will not forge ahead if you use your head to think about what you do not have. That is a different programming of your head. Your head was designed and built to help provide what you need at every cross road you get to. There is nothing you need that your head cannot provide. If you will make your head realize you are not joking, your head will swing into action and definitely put you ahead.


If you have a head you can be the head. If you have a head you can go ahead. If you have a head you have the needed edge.


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