If Dipo Dina’s killers are found: what they will enjoy – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I was musing over the recent debate regarding the credibility of the police to fish the killers of Dipo Dina and a few funny thoughts came to my mind. I know this will be interesting to you if you reason with me.
1.) When these killers are fetched they will be more famous than you and I can imagine and that will happen almost overnight.
2.) If justice will be done and they have to be remanded in prison for as long as the judge decides that means they will have a house – prison – to live in free from charge and they may get a life sentence. If they do it means they will not pay rent for the rest of their lives and do not have to worry about buying houses.
3.) They will, in addition to free accommodation have free food from the Federal Prison service of our dear nation so they do not have to worry about what to eat or drink.
4.) The implication of their free food is that the Federal Government will remove tax-payers’ money from the Federation account or from the national budget to feed them when the Nigerian that are really paying the tax have not enjoyed the benefit of their tax.
5.) There is nearly no place in the country that has as much security as the prison especially for high profile criminals as they are called. It means they will have, probably, the most secured apartment in the country.
6.) There is no Nigerian who wants to eat that will decide to seat back at home, sleep all day and still have food to eat at the end of the day. Now these guys will be able to sleep all day, do nothing but still wake up to eat without working for the food or bothering whether it will come or not because it will definitely come.
What if they are not caught?
1.) They will roam our streets freely while their victim will be six feet under the earth. The “victim-by-extension” Dipo’s family and other dependants will mourn and will struggle more than they have been doing because the bread winner is gone.
2.) The killers will have the courage to do another one because this one succeeded
3.) Other politicians will be encouraged to think about killing opponents who get in their way if people keep dying and nobody gets caught.
4.) This kind of development will scare away the real people that we need in politics because the people with good intentions will not want to die and will stay away from politics.
5.) Some other up-coming politicians will think that politics is a do or die affair.
6.) We will not be able to learn the lessons people like Abraham Lincoln taught us – the man who failed about 13 times before getting elected.
So why do politicians kill?
1.) They are not leaders. They are politicians and that by extension means they do not have the people’s interest at heart. They are strategizing on personal agenda.
2.) Most of them trained through experience to win election but did not train to lead the people that elected them so they have nothing to offer.
3.) These people are carried away by the allocations in office and the surety of becoming prosperous through politics.
4.) They are not deep thinking individuals and will be frustrated by the right thinking people so they think the way out is to clear the opponent.
What’s the way out?
1.) We have to train leaders who see politics and governance as service and not as a career. If it still remains a career it will encourage desperation.
2.) We have to build political parties with ideologies because when parties do not have a vision and an ideology they do not really know why they are together!
3.) We know politics is dangerous but those of us who have the interest of the nation at heart must not stay away from it. We have to go for it and stay there until we succeed in changing it!

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