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For many people there are too many things that are not going the way they planned and they think that God could have been a little more spontaneous in their situations to make things happen for them the way they had expected they were going to happen. You want to marry at a time but it does not seem visible. You want to go out at a time and something just goes wrong at that time. You want to travel abroad and your visa is being denied all the time. You just finished from school and you are not getting a job at the time you really wanted the job. There are just too many things that are not happening the way you want them to happen and you are wondering why they are not! What I know is that God is only committed to making things happen for us the best way and in our best interest. He does not have to do it our way!
A traveled for a very long time – slightly more than a year – and when I came back the car I was using was not available because they gear box had developed a fault. My cousin who was helping to manage the car while I was away said the car just became so slow and this was as a result of the car’s refusal to automatically change gears itself when it is supposed to. This for me was very discouraging. I had a lot of places I wanted to visit and there were some appointments I want to keep but I had to jump into public busses and commercial motor bikes to get my works done. Even at that, I realized that I could go to more places easily if I had the car but there was nothing I could do. After some time the car was sent to the mechanic and we projected it would only be there for just 24 hours.
When the mechanic started working, 24 hours grew into 48 hours and then to 72 hours and then to another day again. I became anxious! I wanted the car to fixed in time but each time they attempted to fix a new gear into the car, something else went wrong. Finally after a couple of days the car returned home very dirty from the mechanic’s workshop. I had to settle down to start washing and when I was washing a thought occurred to me. ‘Don’t you think that when this car was away God had protected you from some kinds of accidents? Don’t you think that you could have had an accident an one arm is gone or your legs are done and worse still you could be dead!’ At that point I said to myself, ‘if God allowed things to happen our own way, we would be in for a lot of trouble!’
I understand how bad we want some of those things that we want in life. I can imagine the passion with which we have prayed for the things we are praying for! I have an idea how a young unmarried lady must feel about not being proposed to by men even after keep her virginity for years! For the most part we are asking, ‘why is this happening this way? Why can’t things happen for me like this and at this time?’ I do not intend to give you some quick fix or perfect answers but what I gained as an insight when my car – my mum’s actually – returned today was that if God allows things the way we expect them to happen we will not get the best out of the situation.
I am not asking us to be non-chalant about things going on in our lives and just conclude that God wants them that way! We must pray about what going on in our lives and be confident that God will handle things the best way and not necessarily our way!
Trust, after praying to God and exercising faith consistently, that God always has a better plan than what we can ever imagine. We may think our plan is good but we also have to recognize that when we plan we only factor in the things we can see but when God doe the planning for us He will factor in both the things that can be seen and the things that cannot be seen! God factors in the plans of the enemies which we cannot see and He also factors in the events of the future that may have some connection to that present event so God is fully in charge with a better plan.
If we maintain that things must happen our way, our lives would be a lot more frustrated and much shorter than we already have now. Let’s just give in to God handling it His way even when we don’t know what he is up to. Trust me, God has a better plan!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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