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Anyone who is not blessed by God cannot even think about using his talent or skills to get things done for him or herself in life. It will not matter what the person is doing and how well the person can do it. All you will see is struggling and fruitless efforts.
If a man is not blessed of God, you may see the skills of the man but he will remain a subject of pity-party all his life. Why will he remain like that? People will only say, ‘he would have done a lot more if he had someone to help.’ Even the destined helper of the man or other people who can help him will simply join to pity rather than help.
Now I can Imagine what Moses meant in the Bible when he said he will not go if the presence of the Lord does not go with him. The picture in Isaiah is also clearer when it says, ‘I will go before you and make the crooked places straight.’ If God does not help you there will be a lot of work but there will be no result. It will sometimes be like trying to walk on dry land when there is an ocean in front of you.
People cannot help a man that is not blessed of God. They will see that he needs help but they will not help him. Some will remember they want to help the person only when they have lost the power to do so or exhausted the resources to do so. God has to bless any man for struggling to seize in a man’s life.
Are you struggling in any area of your life? Do you think that the struggling should have ended long before now? Well you may have tried a few other things or strategies as given by consultants. I will only ask you to do something simple. Ask God to bless you. Acknowledge knowing that you cannot do anything if he does not bless you.
Beyond just asking him to bless you, you can also provoke his blessing by taking his instructions and obeying them. You need to know that obedience to God’s word brings blessings. So it might also be hard to find those who obey and are not blessed. He has given several instructions on how we should live our lives and how to use our resources. He gave instructions concerning willing offerings and the giving of tithes. Let me also remind you that if you want to be blessed of God you have to be a blessing to other people. God respects those who bless other people and has put a natural law in place to make sure that such people are naturally blessed.
You can engage the unknown to get a known result. You can’t afford to go on in life without being blessed of Him. You must also remember that those not blessed by Him keep struggling and things never turn around. Yours should not be like that. Ask for His blessings and Act for his blessings. When you ask you show desire but when you act you show seriousness!

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