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There are phases of life in the issue of calling that cannot be handled by those who were not called by God. These are phases where even those who are called sit down to have a rethink as to be so sure about their calling. Sometimes they go back to God to ask, ‘did you really call me.’ In a series of conversations with some other friends of mine I have heard them say that some people were sent and some others went on their own but the ones that God will back are clear.
God will not give any backing to anything he did not start in the first place so if you initiated a calling you would have to make provisions for the person that has been called! If you call yourself you will provide for yourself. In the times of trouble you would have to defend yourself. When things go awful you would have to create another plan to get yourself out of the mess that you are in.
You can be so sure that you have nothing to worry about if your calling is of God. One simple thing that we have to take note of in this place is not that those people who seem to have called themselves do not have a calling from God. The main thing is that they have missed the point of the calling. Someone may have been called to be a pastor and has, out of enthusiasm, moved on to the office of an evangelist. That kind of a person will have to defend himself in that office. Another person may have been called to be a music minister but has gone on to be a pastor because he or she also has the ability to speak. When you get there you will have to defend yourself.
In some other cases, there are people who have true, certified calling of God and are in there area of calling but are having challenges. I have the guarantee that if you have been called by God then you have nothing to worry about. When God calls a man it is usually because of the assignment he needs to accomplish and God’s assignments are parts of the bigger plan. God will not in any way forget his plan and he knows the right timing for the plans. He has brought you into the execution of the plan by giving you a calling so He knows that you must succeed in the calling for His plan to work. He cannot afford to let you fail in your calling provided you are working in line with the instructions he has given you for the calling.
When you are called by God, money should not be your headache! A father will not wake up one day and ask his son to go and buy a bottle of drink without giving the son the money for the drink. If you send your daughter to the grocery store you will give her all she needs to buy all you want and you will also take care of her transportation to and from the store! If human beings send their children to stores or the open market and give them enough resources to get all they need from those places, how much more God? Any man or woman who is called of God must be confident in the fact that God as the caller will not let down the one who is called.
I would want you to remember that a nation will also not appoint an ambassador and leave the ambassador undefended in a strange land! No nation tells its soldiers to go and fight for it without giving it the ammunitions to fight with. You should lay your worries to rest if God has called you.
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