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I am so confident about the fact that God does not have any problem showing up for me. In my relationship with Him, the only issue will be my own ability to wait and not His own ability to show up. The same applies to you. Many seem to be asking when God will show up while God himself is asking ‘how long can you wait?’
It has been proven repeatedly either in the scriptures or in the daily lives of those around us that when a man is willing to wait on God then he can be assured that God will show up and he will not miss what he is really waiting for.
Unfortunately there is another issue. There are those who are still waiting on God to show up and God had already shown up for them but they did not realize it. If you claim to be waiting you need to know what you are waiting for. If you are not even certain about what you are waiting for then you can’t recognize it when it comes.
Let me focus more on the waiting and the showing up of God. I have been in situations that seemed too long for my waiting patience. I understand that waiting can be tough especially when you don’t know how long you have to wait. Waiting can be tough when you keep hearing wait and you have been waiting but all you still hear is ‘wait.’
What makes the waiting tough for us? In some cases it can be the need that we have that makes the waiting tough. There are also situations where you are praying for something and others seem to be getting it effortlessly. When you see other people getting things cheaply and you are still praying for those things, it can make the waiting a little tougher.
Despite all these you must bear in mind that all the people you are seeing in your waiting period who seem to be moving ahead are not the God you are waiting for. They are not the one who will fix the issues in your life. In fact, when you are waiting be sure that you are not waiting for a man. Be very sure that you are waiting on God. If you are waiting on a man, he may have moved on with other things while you are still waiting and hoping and thinking things will work for you.
Once you are certain that the personality you are waiting for is God, you can be rest assured He will show up. The other part is that when he eventually shows up, He comes bigger than you think he will. He will do more than you can ever expect him to do. And more importantly, what he does will last longer than what you can ever bargain for.
If you are waiting then you can be rest assured that you are not wasting because God will indeed show up. So I want to encourage you to be strengthened while you are waiting because the waiting will be worth it.

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