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I remember a young friend of mine sitting next to me some years back when we were all members of the National Youth Service Corp far away in Sokoto state, Nigeria. She said something that I have never forgotten. Her mother who happens to be nurse said to her, ‘no matter how you fall or where you fall, just make sure you don’t hit your head.’ That sounded like a health tip to her but to me it is far more than a health tip. There is a life lesson to be learnt from that. Some people have hit their heads – mental capacity – in life.
Try hard to make sure you don’t hit your head whenever you fall. No matter what happens, protect your head. Isn’t that why they made laws for us to wear protected helmets in some work places? I also remember that a few years back in Lagos state, the government insisted that all commercial motor bike riders must wear helmets and also have one ready for their passengers.
Now I am not going to the issue of physical health but to the issue of mental capacity as a result of the fall that we experience in life. Many of us have fallen so hard in life that we have hit our heads during the fall. What that means is that we went through certain things in life and those things got the better of us. Those issues took out thinking capacity.
You will find some people who are extremely negative and you will wonder why they are negative. The reason they are negative is simple. It is because of some past experiences that they have had. You will see some people who just will not get into anything that places a demand on their mind any more. They just want to live like robots obeying instructions and get paid or it.
When you go through a terrible experience, the problem is never the experience but what the experience does to your mind. A few years later the experience will determine how you take decisions. Unfortunately, if some people have experienced business failure before they will still take wrong decisions because of the fear that the past business failure has put into them. That’s what I mean when I said earlier that some people fall in life and they hit their head really hard.
It is not uncommon to see some people who have had failed marriages and because of that experiences they are not willing to try something new. They don’t even want to trust anyone anymore. If it is a woman in this case, she may have had it so bad that she no longer trusts anyone who is called a man.
From what I have seen, this also happens to people coming from certain communities or even countries. When they have had their minds consistently abused, it just becomes hard for them to trust a new system that works.
Your own head falling may be different. But just bear in mind that many of us take certain decisions based on some unpleasant experiences we have had and that consequently affects or limits the things we are able to do. There are so many things that you will experience in life and not all of them will be what you like. What you have to do is to make sure that the hurts or the injuries don’t get to your head. Once it does not get to your head it means that your capacity to think right and to make informed choices is not altered.
As you go through life prepare for the hard paths in life because you can’t avoid them. You will be hurt by some people and you will fall in some places. No matter what happens, make sure you don’t fall with your head – allowing situations and unpleasant experiences get into your head so much that they determine how you make decisions or stop you from taking your life into your hands.

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