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Things can really get so tough or so bad that we begin to wonder how we got there in the first place. We look around for help and sometimes it even seems that God is not talking at that time. It could have been okay for you to easily hand on but now you need a word and it does not even seem like God’s phone lines will get through easily. You really don’t know what to do but you have to move on. In this case you don’t also know what moving on will be like and you just can’t tell if your next step actually moves you forward or moves you backward.
When you started you were so sure it was what God wanted you to do that you got into and things were really working out fine. You had a few promises and you saw some signs that really assured you that it was God getting you on the path of direction. You sometimes loved and at some points when you realized a few other steps you had to take, you were so scared that you really weren’t sure about moving on in that business, relationship or service that you are rendering. You felt like this ministry was God’s own idea and so it should have been a lot easier for you. It was like you heard God asking you to move into a new town or asking you not to take the job with the big offer but the one that didn’t seem promising.
You have obeyed what you thought God said to you and you are now in the middle of nowhere waiting to hear from God or just expecting Him to show up with His promises since you have obeyed Him. In some other cases you are not even sure it was God that spoke to you anymore. You don’t even know what to do or where to go because you feel like quitting the job, stopping the business, asking for divorce even though God said it was okay for you guys to get married or stopping your education because it seems too frustrating.
You may have your pull out plan well thought out but here’s what I think:
1. If it is God then it is good
2. If it is God I know it will work
3. If it is God there can be no better plan for my life
4. If it is God then I know He has it all planned out before He asked me to start
5. I also know God has never failed and He will not start with me!
6. If it is God it will take some time
7. If it is God then only God’s time is appropriate for things to happen.
I may want things badly and even want them to happen so quickly but I have also come to understand that when God says things are going to happen for me, they will happen at a particular time. God has no problem giving me or you anything instantly but there are things that must happen before we get what God want to give to us. God will place His promises for us within time so that He will be able to perfect some things in us before those promises come to pass.
God’s promises and gifts are ready but he has to put them off into the future till we are ready having gone through his processes and learnt His life’s big lessons. Hey, hang on because if it God it is good. If it is God, it will work. If it is God, it will never be a lie.
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