If machines can replace you, your job is at stake! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If machines can replace you, your job is at stake! There are so many people who are currently doing some petty things in the organizations where they are currently employed and they have not done anything to develop themselves beyond that spot so that they can be relevant for some other things! Even though we may be sentimental when we hear about mass retrenchments in companies and make so much noise about it or even threaten to sue, we should also look at the other side of competence!
In an organization where there is no politics and the basis for dismissing people under a new management would be competence, there are still people who will lose their jobs because there is nothing they are doing for the company that machines cannot do! I was fully aware of the mass sacking in the banking industry 2 years ago in Nigeria and I saw some of those who were asked to leave. I found out that some of them were not actually bankers! Some were the domestic staff employed by the former owners of the bank and the new owners of the banks would be asking questions about why they should spend so much in paying salaries for people they don’t really need! I have also been to some Federal Government establishments and I can tell so well that when the government talks about privatization, the only reason some members of staff in those organizations oppose the privatization is because of competence! There are too many people in the system who are paid to do nothing and they are also being paid despite their incompetence because someone sentimentally brought them into the system. If the government now becomes adamant and sells them off to private owners, some of them will immediately lose their jobs because private owners want to see what they are paying for!
Whatever it is that you do is not really the issue here but you need to develop yourself beyond where you are right now! Even when it does appear that you have some competencies you may still need to add more just to stay relevant! Keep building yourself and keep staying relevant because in today’s world, the more you develop the more relevant you become! I think we have already gone past that stage in the process of business development and company structuring where you are simply respected for how long you have been in the company! As far as we are concerned you could have as well been a nuisance for several years and they don’t have the guts to fire you! Competence for several new generation companies then count more than experience.
Don’t ever make the mistake of banking on how long you have been working in an organization in this present time and age because it no longer works! What works is constant development and to ensure that a machine cannot replace you completely in what you are doing.
Technology is becoming more advanced and some technological companies are trying to come up with solutions for companies! In the bid to come up with solutions for companies, they are constantly thinking, working, developing and releasing into the markets the devices and applications that can help offices do their jobs more efficiently! Even though efficiency is the focus, those applications often become cheaper alternatives to human resource.
You need to know a little more than you already know. Take different courses while you are still working. If you can’t get the chance to step out of your office for a course then you can take online courses. There are some free online courses that you can take on sites like Alison.com
Beware! If machines can replace you, your job is at stake. In fact, your job is gone! Think on these things!
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