If the hard thing is the right thing | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If the hard thing is the right thing | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
Many people have found themselves in a situation where they have to choose between doing the right thing which is the hard thing or cutting corners and doing the wrong things which, on the immediate, seem right and profitable but are not without long term consequences.
There has been several debates about doing the right thing and not being rewarded for it while those who are doing the wrong things seem to be getting away in a manner which depicts that they have rewarded themselves and nobody will be able to do anything about it. Over and over again we have seen people around us do the wrong things in relationships, businesses, leadership positions, entertainment industry and so many other places anyone can imagine.
With all of the wrongs going on in the society, it is becoming increasingly hard to do what you know is the right thing and when you even attempt to do the right thing you are seem as a very odd person and probably a misfit in the society. Everything has turned upside down so much so that those who are supposed to be ashamed of themselves and bury their heads are the one holding their heads high in the public and are even bragging for doing what should not be heard off.
Sometimes the right thing in this context may not be about morality as I have raised in the previous paragraphs but could be about taking some personal decisions for your future. In a few cases it could be about taking a job or not taking a job and it could also be about where you are planning to take a job. For some people, they have discovered early enough that they have something in their hands that the society needs. With the ideas in their heads and probably very little resources, they are stuck in between taking a job or starting a business. They may be convinced deep down that the right thing to do is to start a business in order to meet a need in the society but when the realities of entrepreneurship or self-employment set in then starting a business now becomes the hard thing to do. At this point, getting a job usually seems the easy way out at the moment.
One of the reasons it is important for us to look at doing the right things even when they seem to be the hard things is because we must put the future into focus. Some people say, ‘oh, would you just forget about the future! We will cross the brigde when we get there.’ Well sometimes the bridge may not be that simple to cross. You may need to be equipped with some materials so if you fail to look at the bridge before getting there, it might be too late when you realize that you certainly need a few things to help you cross the bridge. The right thing to do in your business may be hard but if you don’t do then you stand a chance of losing that business for not taking the right decisions and doing it.
In a number of cases, we all know what should be done in our different circumstances but we seem to be giving in to pressure. That explains why a teenager wants to have sex at all cost because all other teenagers are having sex and she feels left out. For the business man, everybody is making money by altering figures and inflating prices and they are making it quick without being caught. Well you may have stayed away for so long but you just might get caught the day you decide to even give it a trial.
Let’s bear these in mind:
1. We cannot afford to compromise standards because others have done that.
2. The right thing may be hard but the fruits are always good.
3. Experiences show that it’s only hard in the beginning.
4. When you do the hard but right things you will have nothing to hide in future.
5. Men who mock you today will eventually see your results and admire or even praise you.
I have been in situations, like every other person, when the right things were very hard to do but I managed to pull through and the results are paying off today. Even when the right things seem like the hard things to do, think about the future when you will have peace and those doing it the wrong way today will not have peace or even be in jail!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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