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The opinions of men are not final, especially concerning us, until we validate them. I also think that when the world says you can’t make it, then there is something in you that can defy all expectations and make it more than anyone can imagine.
You were not made by the world and are not a product of the world. You were made by a far superior being with the powers to turn destinies around and make thinks favour you. you can choose to listen to those people who were not there when you were made or listen to the one who made you.
I once heard someone say that our God specializes in impossibility and that can also mean if people expect you to fail, but you trust in the God of impossibility and work hard, you can come out as a huge success.
In some cases it may be like the case of wrestlers. Don’t forget that when wrestlers want to fight they first engage in a war of words. They say all sorts to the camera and to the people present in the room so that their opponent can hear and also feel intimidated. Once in a while, other fighters fall for it and begin to fight out of frustration over what the person said. When they start doing that, they start losing the battle because they already felt defeated in their minds.
The world around you too will play a war of words on you and expect you to just accept what they said. They want you to resign to fate or think that what they said about you is really true. Don’t let the world tell you what you can become or what you cannot become.
I understand that it can be intimidating when a boss you respect so much suddenly faces you to say you will not go far. You may want to think about how professional this man has been and all the degrees he has from the college. It may look like he has all the experience in the world and what he says must be true but you are not his product and he cannot speak authoritatively over you like that.
Go around the world if you can or go online and you will see that stories abound of people who have been told that they cannot make it. Everybody, including their family members, expected them to fail woefully. It initially looked like those people were going to fail but something changed along the line. They followed a different trajectory which happened to the unusual and unexpected path to their success.
Whatever people say you cannot do then you should know that it is one of the things that you can do and also do it so well. It is also possible that those who said you can’t make it have said it out of envy. Don’t be surprised as well that there are those who have seen your bright future and they want you to think that there is nothing in stock for you.
Regardless of what people say, I only have a question for you. Will you decide your own fate or leave it in the hands or mouth of others?
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