If the world will crash on you

Have you ever been fed up simply because do not understand how anything works any longer! Are you asking why everybody has turned against you suddenly? Is it amazing that the people you rely solely on have unexpectedly withdrawn their supports. Are you already asking why in the first place did you come to this world? Do you have a feeling you can’t be better than you are because those around you are getting richer and money seems to elude you. Is it the case that the people you can call your inferiors are not having the kind of difficulties that you have? If you think the world will crash on you, why don’t you tell the world to hang up a little so that you have sometime to settle down, relax, think, and come with an idea! When you have an idea money responds to your idea. Ask the world if it will still crash by the time you’re done I am sure it will not!
Fola Daniel,
Edible Pen Organization.
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