Is this your field? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

A couple of years ago I used to visit a photo studio regularly. There was a student working in that studio who used to seat behind the front desk. She was petite and playful. She could practically do a slide show of her entire dentition just to welcome you. If not for her build, you would have wondered if the dentition was asking for ventilation. She also had a razor mouth, probably to make up for the height. She was ready to fire at any one.
One day as I walked into their studio, she summoned the courage to call me and talk to me about what she had been pondering for a while. Now she felt a bit shy but she knew she was going to be relieved after talking to me. She said there was a look that I carried all the time which seemed to ask her ‘what are you doing here?’ She also told me that sometimes when I entered the studio she would feel like entering the ground because there was that look that tells her ‘you are not supposed to be here.’ We spoke at length and she felt better.
I guess there are so many other people like that who are in one place or the other but you know you are not supposed to be there. That’s why I am asking if this is your field. In the game of football, most of the big clubs have their own regular playing fields referred to as home. The fans of the club expect that the players are so familiar with the field and will get a lot of encouragement from fans so they should play better on that field. In fact, they do not expect their players to lose on their home grounds.
Sometimes they lose but it is not the expectation. One of the other reasons fans do not expect players to lose on their home grounds could be the weather in that area which the players are used. The other players might be coming from a continent with a different weather condition and it is expected that they may need some time to adjust. This and other advantages, sometimes work when you are playing on your field. It is also expected that you have more support because most of the people in the stadium will be your fans and they will cheer you to victory.
All that it means is that you have some advantages when you are on your field – which in this case refers to the right place for your skills, abilities, potentials, thought pattern and experience. Are you on your field? You should not be like those who have worked for the government for more than thirty years and at the end of their service they are wondering what they have achieved. Some of them are angry at the peanuts they get after all those years of service and a few others are happy.
Is there something holding you back where you are? What is it that will not let you leave that frustrating pitch and go to yours? I have spoken with many on this issue and that’s why I have come across musicians sitting in the banking hall all day as bankers. There are too many people in the wrong place and are hoping the right thing will happen.
Dear friend, there’s no fooling around that’s greater than knowing the key to a door and to keep trying it on another door. Summon the courage today to leave that field if it is not yours and go to your field. Then you can expect all the advantages that you should get from playing on your home field. Let the struggling seize. Stop the frustration. Get back to your field – the place where you were wired to operate with natural excellence and the place of your strength. When you do, achieving results become easier.

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