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I totally understand that this is the noodle generation or the ‘drive-through’ generation so we have completely lost the patience to wait for things. When we want something, we really want that thing to show up at the snap of a finger. That’s why we will drive through fast food restaurants and before you drive to the other end the food is waiting. We drive through the gas stations and don’t have to wait. We walk into the eatry and the food is just waiting.
A few things might work like that but life itself is a process. Nothing answers to just snapping your finger in real life. If you are looking at getting your results or rewards instantly, you will be making a great mistake.
That also means you are short sighted. You only want the reward for today and you don’t care what happens tomorrow. You only want the cash for today and deal with that of tomorrow when tomorrow comes or if it comes.
Before you even lay your hands on anything, it is important to note that whatever you do will either bring long term reward or instant reward. Interestingly, many of the things we have to do will not give us instant gratification. It will be a case of sowing and waiting for your harvest. If you work today then you have something to look forward to tomorrow.
Many don’t like this idea. They want their rewards now. They want their money now. Whatever is due to them should not be delayed but given right away. When you start coming up with this attitude, people around you begin to get irritated. At the end of it all, they will find a way to cut you out of the process. When that happens, you will not even get both the instant reward and the future rewards.
Be patient enough to see that it makes common sense to work now and have a portion of rewards delivered but a greater portion is to be given later. You can’t get everything instantly except for things that don’t need to go through any process. When you also clamour to get everything instantly, you might lose what you already have.
Some may see the desperation in you to get instant results and can exploit the situation. You will be unsuspecting because of the instant results that you want.
Slow down. Take things easy. Work and sow your seeds then be patient for the results of the work to come. If you want everything instantly, you can get half baked results. If you learn to wait, you can get the full result and will be happy that you waited patiently.
Take a look at those around you and spend some time examining those who always went for instant results. Compare how they were doing before to how they are doing now. You may not need anyone to tell you that things are no longer the same.
Good results will come but they will take time and to get them, you must first forget about wanting things and saying you will always get it now!
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