If you focus on the goal | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes when we give up so easily, it is because we think we have the goals set and are focused on it but we are actually getting caught in other things. If we really focus on the goals we set out to achieve, many of the things that deter us will not be able to deter us.
Think about someone who goes into a new company with some aspirations and goals. You already had set plans and it looked very realistic if only you will stay in the organisation for a while.
A few months after getting into the organisation, because you have passed the honeymoon stage when everyone is being nice to you, some superiors or colleagues start showing their real colours. The unrealistic demands on you begin and they also want you to work extra hours at your own expense.
Suddenly it appears as though someone hates you and just wants to make life unbearable for you. I bet it can be tough because I have been in situations like this before. Sometimes you just feel like quitting that job the next day but you hesitate a little. From that moment, you start planning your exit until you make it happen.
If you focus more on your goals, you just might be able to stay longer in that organisation. When we meet people we didn’t expect to meet or we get under some kind of pressure, our focus often shifts from the goals to the people who are giving us problems. We also don’t realise that we have shifted our focus from the goals to the people.
Think about another scenario where you are a business person trying to get a contract. You have done all that you think you need to do. The papers you submitted are complete and correct information has been given. So you are just waiting for some good news regarding when to start. Just then you start getting calls that some things are not in order.
This can be very discouraging. You foot drag and finally fix what you were told was not in good order and submitted again. This time you think all lose ends have been taken care of and the next thing you get is another issue being raised. At this point you begin to think someone wants to frustrate your project or even hijack it. You start getting discouraged especially when you even think about how much has already gone into getting your proposals ready and the amount you have spent on meetings, phone calls and networking.
Again I have been in a similar situation repeatedly. Some of those proposals eventually worked out and some of them did not. It is heartbreaking, to say the least, especially when it looks like the person at the other end is not helping or paying attention to the costs you are incurring.
Nevertheless, I am saying we should never let all of these ‘distractions’ get to us. When they do, we will start focusing on the people and the issues they bring our way. We stop focusing on the goals and we eventually lose out on the bigger things we ought to achieve.
One of the things that has helped me out in my own case, as I was almost caught up in the distractions, was to have someone I could call and run to from time to time. I received encouragements and that kept me going. You should expect things to get tough and be prepared for those tough moments but if you focus on the goals and not the distractions, you will eventually achieve all that you set out to achieve despite the distractions.

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