If you were born to win – Fola Daniel Adelesi

For a long time we have been made to believe that we were born to win and that is something we really need to hear again and again. It is really true that we were born to win but one of the things I have started thinking about now it the issue about winning. They only told us that we were born to win but they never said consistently that you can only talk about winning if you are prepared to fight. Because a lot of people were told that they were born to win and they were not told that the winning will only be as a result of the fighting some people easily quit in life and they come to a conclusion that they were not born to win because there minds were not prepared for battle.
We have been buying into the half-baked truth from several authors, speakers, preachers and even some trusted ones around us who always present to us a make belief about life rather than resenting to us the realities of life so that the minds of the people can be prepared for the mental challenges that they have to face.
As much as the winning is true the victory is only a reality when there is a fighting but what I need to clarify is that the fighting we are talking about will not in anyway be a physical fight in 99 percent of the cases. Our Bible talks about casting down evil imaginations and that is the greatest battle that anyone can be engaged in. There are people who now believe they were born to fail and they say it consistently that they were born to fail. The only reason they can say that they were born to fail is because they have lost the battle in their minds. When people tell us that we were born to win they not delay in telling us where we really have to win. You cannot say to a soldier that he is going to win without telling him where he is going to fight. He only knows where he is going to win when he know where he has to fight. Because many were not told where they have to fight they are caught unaware by the battle and they would have lost it before knowing anything. They usually think that the battle is about a physical opposition. We are going to face physical opposition but it does not mean that someone is going to attempt to molest us physically. The physical molestation here is about somebody saying things that puncture your ego. It is about the things you see around that deflate your morale. It is about the things you see around that make seemingly impossible for you to fly.
The physical battle we are talking about here is a battle of the mind which comes in form of thoughts attacking your sight so that you do not see in the right perspective. The battle is about news attacking your ears so that you begin to lose momentum on your faith track instead of accelerating on your faith track. The battle is about circumstances making the environment inhabitable for you when you really need to concentrate on some salient issues of your life.
We need to know now that the battle we are going to face will be about circumstances and situations challenging what we really believe about ourselves. You should know that you are in a battle when you believe you are a success and there is a situation saying that you have failed. You have only won when the picture in your mind becomes the reality on in your hand. The battle is about keeping in your mind, consistently, the true picture of who you are until it becomes a reality.

Fola Daniel Adelesi - You just don't win by folding your arms.
Fola Daniel Adelesi - You just don't win by folding your arms.

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