If your strategist is the Holy Spirit | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If your strategist is the Holy Spirit | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
The reason I look smart is because I have a greater force working behind the scene and making things happen for me! I remember the Bible saying that you will hear a voice saying to you this is the way, walk in it. The Holy Spirit has better business strategies that you can work with to outsmart any business competition with little or no effort only if you understand and relate with Him.
It’s so amazing to know that there is hardly anything you want to do that the Holy Spirit cannot help you with! You may choose not to ask His help when you are starting out but somewhere along the line you just realize that you are stuck even though it would have been a lot easier if you sought his help from the beginning!
Life is going to be very hard, miserable and confusing but that’s strictly for those who do not have the Spirit of God that knows the mind of God who knows the mind of everyone! When you want to do business and you allow the Holy Spirit to strategize with you or for you in the business, there is no way you can fail because it is impossible for the Holy Spirit to fail. I once heard the story of John D. Rockefeller whose conglomerate was supposed to insure the Titanic ship. As a Christian, he hesitated for a while and consulted God about the deal. He was told not to insure the ship so he backed out of the deal which appeared so promising. When the ship sank on the sea, it was said that the insurance deal which appeared very promising would have ruined his entire business!
You can hear one instruction and the application of that instruction will be a multinational company. One instruction can double your turnover and refusing the instruction can also erase your company name from the list of viable companies. To operate in this realm we must sincerely admit that our intellects are not good enough to operate at the level that God would want us to operate. He’s always got a better idea coupled with the fact that He knows the end from the beginning in whatever needs to be done!
When you have an idea you begin to hope it works out well but when it is from the Holy Spirit and he’s involved in all the execution or implementation then you are not talking about trial and error! You just know what to do and knowing what to do places you on better platforms!
People may not know the next thing to do in a situation or see a business opportunity ahead but when you have the Holy Spirit as your master strategist you can’t possibly be in the dark about what to do next. He can give you an idea and the next day it will turn out to be an idea that the entire nation needs! The implication is that the nation will come running after you since you can produce what they need. You don’t have to struggle to get customers because you just need to remember that God has the hearts of Kings in His hands and can turn it to wherever he wants. I, in my business and a number of other things, just rely on letting the Holy Spirit turn the hearts of people towards the gifts He has placed in my hands! It works like magic!
I don’t know who your strategist is but before you reach a dead end, turn to the Holy Spirit for help and you will never be disappointed.
If you have no relationship with Jesus it just will not make any sense asking for Holy Spirit’s help. Acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour right now. Ask him to come into your life and take charge. Tell him you will let him dictate the pace of your life from now on then tell him to send you the Holy Spirit as He promised. Believe me, when the Holy Spirit comes and you consult him, your work life will become unique!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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