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Earlier today I was given an award for Outstanding Achievement by the National Association of Student Ex-Mays (NASEM) and as I collected the microphone to deliver an impromptu speech, I suddenly remembered how people used to mock me for the same reason the student body is now giving me an award.
As the memories flooded my mind I opened my mouth to talk to the audience and I remember telling them that when I started out, I had people who were mocking me. At some point I was elected into an office and those mocking me before then stopped and they began to say, I want to be like you. After a while some people began to mock me again but I moved on and now they see me on television so they are beginning to say me to me again, I want to be like you.
What this has taught me is that in the times when you are planting your seeds and doing what you are supposed to do for your desired future to come to pass, some people will laugh you to scorn and make you feel like the most foolish person around. The interesting part may be that some of the people who are laughing you to scorn are those who do not have a vision or a plan and are not putting anything in place for their future. They laugh at you for being too serious and they call you names for trying to manage your resources so that you can have abundance or multiply what you have.
It will not matter what they do to you now or how they have been laughing at you. Its just a matter of time before they come back to laugh with you because you will soon start having more than the results they can ever imagine. Let them laugh as much as they want to right now but I assure you that those mocking you right now will have to choice but to acknowledge the fact that your coming testimony is jaw-breaking! Some of them will burst into tears and start regretting the times when they were mocking you instead of following your footstep. I have learnt that I can get to where I want in life regardless of who is laughing at me because it is not their mockery that will determine if I get there or not.
Someone of us quit working on the big breaks that we were very close to because we gave the excuse that people are laughing at us. When you start something and people are laughing at you, you will only give them more reason to laugh if you do not finish it up. If you keep at it and it succeeds and they will no longer be laughing at you but they will be laughing with you which is about celebration or success.
Each time you look up to celebrities today in the society and you admire them so much, I want you to remember that at some point, someone had laughed at them but today they have people laughing with them. We have said to people in the past, ignore the limits, but today it is not just about ignoring the physical limits that we see around us, we have to ignore the mockery and not let it become an obstacle to what we truly desire to become in life.
Ignore the mockery, ignore the mockery and ignore the mockery!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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