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When I was getting ready to write this I immediately remembered the young men who wanted to cast out demons in the name that Apostle Paul preaches. They were trying to do what he did even though they did not carry the anointing that he carried. All over the world today you have people who call someone their mentor and they are trying to imitate that person while trying to minister to the congregation that they stand in front of.
You need to always remember that there is no way imitation is going to confer the anointing that they carry on you. if you want the anointing that another person carries which is not a bad thing, you have to be willing to work the way they worked. You must be ready to study the way they studied. Some people wanted to sit by Jesus in his kingdom and the question thrown at them was, ‘can you drink of my cup?’ That’s a simple way of asking if they can pay the price required to get what they are asking for.
It is so common today to see so many church members speak like their highly respected pastor and mentor who is also known to other people around the world. People will not respect you just because you speak like someone that they already respect. They will not believe in you and start following you just because you talk and walk like the person.
The only thing that will make them respect you and respond to you is when you start producing the results that the people you want to imitate have already produced. At that level it will no longer be imitation. It will mean that the baton has been passed to you and you have contacted the anointing. It could also be that you have laboured in the place of prayer and study to also get the anointing and the same power.
Stop imitating if that is what you have been trying to do in order to get results. Elisha did not come out to imitate after Elijah died so that he can be respected by the people. When he was returning from the place where he contacted the anointing from his master, Elijah, he saw a river and simply did what his master did. When someone people reported to him the situation of a land, he had already contacted the anointing so he operated in it and got results. That’s why he could also do fourteen amazing miracles compared to the seven recorded for his master.
When you see what other people have done and you desire to be able to operate in that dimension, you can ask God to help you. After all the Bible talks about signs following those that believe so doing signs or producing results in some other areas of your life is expected.
When you start imitating you are setting yourself up for embarrassment, frustration and a total mess that you may struggle the rest of your life to fix. There is no point imitating other people in your ministry or the way you talk. If something is not your style, don’t go and start doing it just because someone who has succeeded is doing it that way. You are to do things the right way you know it should be done.
Let me also say that there is more to you than trying to imitate others. You are loaded on the inside and can even do more than the things you are trying to copy. You are also anointed and your anointing works just fine for the things that you were called to do. So what you should just do is to find your purpose, your specific area of calling and exercise your anointing in that regard. You will be amazed at the results you will get. Stop imitating and start exercising the real things on the inside.

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