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Many things hang on the success of communication. From the simple to the complex, you need successful communication to make them happen. Some things can be defined as seemingly simple and you can still botch them because of communication. When you learn to communicate effectively, you will not only increase your productivity, you will multiply it.

When people understand the power of communication, they strategically engage it and can almost predict their results at any time. Some people think that communication is speaking queen’s English or having a foreign accent.

While your communication can be aided or impeded by your accent and diction, your understanding of what’s to be said and who needs to see or hear it will always be more important. In today’s world, there’s something called cultural intelligence. It has to do with understanding the culture of a group of people and making the most of the knowledge that you have of that culture to effectively integrate with or relate with them.

Like the cultural intelligence which changes as you go to different communities or nations, you need to understand that communication is dynamic and will always determine how you penetrate groups, industries, and nations. Communication will determine how what you have to offer is received.

In business, you may have a great product that will be rejected or ignored because of communication. You may have a skill that may also be ignored because of communication. When you tweak your communication style and improve the skill, you will notice that things will change and a few things will pick up.

When you’re able to communicate effectively, you’ll be amazed at how you can make things happen, open doors and warm your way into people’s hearts. Communication can greatly and amazingly improve your productivity.

As a Public Speaker, I have seen how communication opens doors and creates multiple platforms. The ability to successfully communicate at one training often determines if I get the next training. I once spoke at a meeting for just thirty minutes to a group of over two thousand leaders and it was amazing. I had no idea what had just happened until the calls began to come in and most of the calls were from people present at that meeting asking me to come for their meeting or offering me a business opportunity. A couple even called and offered my wife and I dinner over the next weekend.

When you improve your communication, you will certainly be able to increase your productivity and you must not take communication for granted. With poor communication, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. In fact, you may actually be blocking the free flow of a lot of money towards you.

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