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Productivity seems to have become a complex word in a world that even uses it more than is probably required. The work place emphasizes productivity and the family talks about productivity. Everywhere you go, you are simply expected to be productive and sometimes, you wonder what exactly productivity means and how to go about it.
Interestingly, some of the people who are laying so much emphasis on productivity don’t have any idea how to be productive and can’t tell others what to do in order to be productive. If they do, they will not just tell other to be productive without sharing one or two insights on how to become productive.
While there are several other things that people may talk about as the tools for productivity, one thing that anyone who wants to be productive must constantly work upon is the strength of communication or the skill to communicate. Take a look at some of the people around you who seem to be very productive and ask yourself what they are doing differently or better than you.
By the time you assess the skills of those around you, it is possible to observe that they are not necessarily better in any area. They may not have more physical skills or qualifications to give them the edge they currently have. However, a closer look may reveal that they are better communicators. Communication is something you should never joke with.
There are people who may spend years looking for something that a strong communicator will get in just a few months or even in a simple conversation. Those who improve their communication skills may always have their way with some others who have what they need.
If you really want to become productive this year, you need to learn to constantly improve your communication. For anyone working on improving communication, you have to do the following:

  1. Learn to communicate clearly. This is the main goal of communication. There are so many people who can’t communicate clearly and it can be draining to listen to them or to try to understand what they are saying. They spend so much time trying to say something that may be so simply but they may end up not saying anything. Some even end up confusing the people they’re talking to. To communicate clearly, use simple language and simply say what you mean.
  2. Communicate effectively. Some people communicate clearly but not effectively. What does it mean to communicate effectively? It is to communicate and to get your desired results from that communication. Every communication has an objective. When you try to communicate and people respond the way you expect, then you have achieved effective communication. To do this, you have to choose your words carefully while bearing in mind the people you’re communicating with.
  3. Communicate concisely. Some people think that they have to spend a lot of time talking or writing so that people can understand but they don’t realize that people have a short attention span. Whatever you need to stay has to be said quickly. You need to go straight to the point and not waste time at all. Some people lose the person they are trying to communicate with when they’re just getting started.
  4. Communicate with images. Images they say speak a thousand words. You may be more effective in your communication when you use images that explain what you’re trying to say. While others have a lengthy piece for people to read, you simply have a picture to explain it. You should also note that people will remember pictures more than they remember words. Most people remember pictures they have seen before much more than they can ever remember words they have heard or read from somewhere.
  5. Pronounce words correctly. You need to make deliberate efforts to pronounce words clearly and correctly. Pronouncing words correctly has nothing to do with accents or trying to sound funky. That’s one way to be more effective in communication. For some, it seems to have become fashionable to mispronounce words the way people from their tribe or region pronounce certain words. It’s called mother tongue interference and there’s nothing fashionable about pronouncing words to reflect what local dialect you speak.

As you go on trying to be productive this year and beyond, work on you communication skills and you will see how communication can great improve your productivity.

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