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There is the popular opinion that those making resolutions at the end of one year for a new one are making it because there are some vices they want to stop and cultivate new habits. While that may be true to an extent and for some people, you can say that the only reason resolutions are made is because someone has social vices to desist from. The major focus of a resolution is improvement.
I was recently on a life programme called the Daytime Talk Show of Lagos Television and the presenter was asking me why those New Year resolutions fail or why people no longer get crazy about making a New Year resolution. I did say to her that one of the problems is that people are making their resolutions in isolation.
A resolution is not the only thing you should make for a New Year. A resolution is just a small part of a bigger plan and goal for the New Year. So when you are making resolutions, your resolutions are being made in order to hit those goals and achieve the plans you have written already.
Beyond all of that, the reason you are making a resolution is because you intend to improve. You want to become a better person in the New Year than you were last year. You really want to do things better and achieve more. If you don’t want that you will not be thinking about a New Year resolution.
So if the purpose of the resolution is your personal improvement, it is very important that you do it right. To improve personally you must sit and think about the areas of your life that need improvement. You have to be able to say clearly that these are the things I didn’t do well before and it is important for me to do it well this time.
You may need to make a resolution because of where some of your colleagues are and you are still far behind. It is possible that with some commitment you will be able to move faster in life and when you stay on that track you will soon catch up with your colleagues.
Instead of just making wishes or thinking about resolutions that may not work or end up frustrating you, just go ahead and be a little more practical and proactive about the resolutions you are making this year.
Ask yourself questions about how the resolutions you have made or intend to make really help you to improve or become a better person. Once that is sorted then you have come up with a plan on how you are going to keep to the resolution.
In that plan you need to spell out the detail for what you will do daily to show that you are on track. We are human beings and measureable results always encourage us. If it is possible you can give yourself some rewards for sticking to each plan that you have spelt out.
For this plan to work you may also need to be accountable to someone else. This person can be your friend, partner, spouse or coach who can ensure that you stay on track. If you are humble enough to submit yourself to that help of another, you will be amazed at how a resolution can be practical.
If you will use resolution for personal improvement, you should note also that you will have to give up a measure of your freedom to make it happen. Your resolutions can work but to make them work I suggest you focus on the desired ‘improved version of you’ rather than just the resolutions. With something to encourage you and look forward to, you can keep practical resolutions with results.

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