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There are many of us who are going through so many things in our lives right now and it’s beginning to look like we are in the test room. some are even trying to hear God but He does not seem to be speaking.
If God had said something it would seem easier for us to understand what is happening because we can hold unto his word in that situation. The word coming from God in that situation can give us strength and courage to forge ahead. We can look at the daunting task ahead and say that it does not look easy but God is on our side.
How does it now feel when things go really bad? Everything that was working just stopped working. The things you are looking forward to are not forthcoming and you just have no idea what to do.
I think that God is always speaking, as I have established in some previous articles, however there can also be times when he keeps quiet. How can you say that? Well that’s in the Bible. There was a time that God did not talk to his people for about four hundred years. Now I am not trying to scare you. we don’t even live up to four hundred years these days and we have a personal relationship with God.
There are different reasons God can decided not to speak and just one of them is what I want to pick out this time. Someone once said that when you expect to hear God speak in some situations and he does not, just remember that the examiner is mostly quiet during the test.
Wow! That’s serious and really true. But we also should not focus on the fact that the examiner keeps quiet during the test. We need to realize the fact that before the examiner sets his exams, he already taught us something. Most likely, the test to be given will be based on what we have learnt so far.
You should also note that when a test or examination comes, it is to test what you have learnt and possibly give you promotion to the next phase. In the period when things are hard, God expects you to revisit the things you have learnt from him and put them to use. What have you learnt from God? What did he teach you in the past? Is there something you have added to yourself since you began walking with him or working for him?
Remember that you rely on what you have learnt to pass a test and not what the examiner will say during the test. Are you asking how you can pass a test set by God? Well that is pretty simple. ‘How can you say it is simple?’ you may ask. It is because we already have the Holy Spirit of God to remind us of the things we have learnt. The word says it shall teach us concerning all things. He knows the mind of God and will also help us pass the test of God.
So you can see that when the situation gets really hard, the person to talk to is the Holy Spirit. He is our partner and helper. He is the only who tells us the mind of God and helps us speak better to God. He lets us into the mind of God and helps us to pass the test of God for his promotions.
Have you been in the test room and expecting God to speak, just speak with the Holy Spirit concerning the things that God has been discussing with you and you will be on your way out. However, this is easy if only you have been speaking with the Holy Spirit. If you have not then you need Him to help you. You need to know more about the person of the Holy Spirit and develop a relationship with Him.
It does not matter how hard the test in life gets, the Holy Spirit is there to help. I pray He helps you as you go on this all important journey in life.
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