Increase your personal capacity – Fola Daniel Adelesi

The world will not only pave way for you when you know where you are going. The world will pay you much more than you think of when you add more value to yourself. I am also of the opinion that whatever you do but don’t do so well should not be your business. If you want to do anything you should not be thinking about being just one of the people rendering that service. You are either among the best or you become the very best. I believe that something is wrong somewhere if you are into a job for more than a decade or close to two and you still cannot be referred to as one of the best or the very best. The reason a lot of people start something and do not end up among the best is because they don’t increase their personal capacity or earning capacity.
When you begin to rely primarily on the abilities that got you started in life then you are on your way to stagnation bus stop. Everything changes and changes faster than you can think. When you go to bed there are people who stay awake to decide that things that will be done tomorrow should not be done the way they were done today. You just wake up to realize that things have changed.
The man who keeps waking up to realize that things have changed is driving towards his grave. You should always envisage change and prepare for it. One of the disasters of life is not the earthquakes in Asia but lives that are forced into changing circumstances because they did not envisage change and as well prepare for it. Some people wake up some day only to realize that they would be laid off in their places of work because they have not taken additional qualifications and it would be too late to go back to school or any special academy for training at that time. Some so called business people just wake up to realize that their clients have changed their minds about who should take up their services because they have refused to find out the new trends that their clients are now interested in.
There are a lot of people out there who are asking for so much and they keep asking but keep getting nothing. They are not getting anything not because they do not know how to ask but because their focus is not on the right thing. I have read about people who would have ended up as ordinary mechanics but decided to do back to school to be able to learn more and add a professional touch to what they are doing. They definitely earned more by adding more value and not by asking for more.
I remember going through the national dailies one day when I found the interesting story of a young man who sponsored himself to school by riding commercial motorcycle. While he was on the motor cycle his focus was the degree he wanted to get and at the end of the day he started earning more not by asking the government to give him more but by deciding to add more value so that the society naturally adds more to him.
You are like to die a hungry man if you keep hoping that the society will give you much more than what it is giving to you right now. The hope of getting more out of anything will always be dashed until you have decided to add more value to yourself.
It is not your certificate that the world will pay you for. It is not the testimonial you are carrying about that the world will pay you for. The world may acknowledge and accept you as a result of those papers but what they will pay you for is what you can deliver. If what you are going to be paid for is what you have delivered then you must work as delivering more to get more. The quality of your delivery, permit me to say, determines the quality of your reward.
Don’t go about talking like a beggar and always reducing yourself to asking for a pay rise all the time. You sometimes threaten to leave an organization but you know that deep down inside of you there is no other place for you to go because you have not added more value to yourself.
To achieve greatness you need to keep adding value to yourself and after adding value to yourself you would need to keep transferring value to others. I did say in one of my articles that so many people are working hard because of value added tax and they are always under value added tension because they don’t do value added thinking and value added talking.
There are only a few great people all around the world compared to its population who stand in front of those who are to pay them and decide what to be paid. It takes some guts after increasing your earning capacity to charge much more than your contemporaries are charging for the service you render. You will only be able to do that and still not be threatened by your contenders because you know you have increased your earning capacity.
I remember hearing the story of a young man who cannot even rise from wherever you put him but this same man decided to make the best out of the situation and started painting with his mouth. He did not only paint with his mouth but painted so well to be able to compete favourably with any other artist. From all indications there was nothing that gave prospective buyers the impression that the person who did the painting cannot walk and can’t even hold a paint brush in his hands.
I was in a recording studio as well when on of the leading female broadcasters in Africa brought a young man into the studio. He had to walk with the aid of crutches every time and to everywhere but ever since this man was a kid he had always wanted to drive. He would not let his father know about his attempts to drive because he would be discouraged from doing so. He kept trying secretly and kept failing at every attempt to drive so he had to think about a solution. He didn’t want to be carried about and still wanted to be able to drive the distance any normal human being would drive. Eventually after so much brainstorming he invented a device that helped him to drive a car without the use of his legs on any pedal. His break pad and other pedals where converted to buttons he could press. When he succeeded with his own he started doing it for others and he said he had orders at the time he was on air to deliver some to a place. Here’s a lame man devising means to drive and making money yet doing another thing.
Challenges will always be our opportunity to increase our earning capacity so we cannot shy away from those challenges. When we face challenges we would only be rewarded after the challenges according to our perception during the challenges.
One of the most unfair things that I have seen in the society today is the fact that a lot of people are hoping to earn more for doing the same job over and over again and they feel that their desires to earn more are justified because they have been in the service to an organisation for a long time. This happens where there are federal government employees, state, local and some private company employees who will always paint the picture of a wicked boss in their places of work. Let’s take a look at the issue together and ask ourselves who is truly wicked. You started working in a place and you continued in the same place for several years. When you where applying for the job they looked at your qualification and they decided to employ you based on your current qualification. The pay pack that you also agreed upon was based on your current capacity and you decided to take the offer. Having agreed that what you are being paid is commensurate with your current capacity you took the job so it is as good as having a deal already.
In some cases you may say you do not agree that the pay pack is commensurate with your qualification or personal worth at that time but you agreed to take the job. If you took the job and you want more pay then you need to know that the only way to earn more is to prove that you know more.

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