Informed or deformed? Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

In the absence of information, the epidemic or disaster that we stand to combat cannot be over emphasized. Imagine leadership positions in the hands of poorly informed people! Imagine the lack of information boldly written on the faces of those who are expected to deliver the nation from the shackles of ignorance! I really have no idea what you think but I will still ask you to imagine lack of information conspicuous in the services of those who are supposed to inform us! I started by saying that we have an epidemic or disaster that we have to combat in the absence of information but I dare say that it is more than that. It is a catastrophically disastrous calamity that we have to combat in the absence of information.
With information as a tool, the carrier or custodian of the information has a strong potential to lead a cause successfully, turn things around, make fortunes for himself and still impact the lives of other people. The impact of information in the hands of a man who knows how to utilize it can be trans-generational and save billions of people the stress they have to go through not because there are no solutions to their challenges but because there is no information.
We build and equip ourselves with information, we go ahead of others with information, we lead others with information and we also fight mental battles to win or to lose depending on the quality of information available to us. You stand a chance of redirecting the course of your life towards the island of prosperity and embossing your name on the gold plates in the halls of fame if you will make it a duty to be well informed and to use the information to the advantage of the society.
Everybody talks about information but hardly give it the required attention. For that I dare say that when you give information some attention, the information will turn around and give you some attention in life. To understand how the information you give attention to can turn around and give you attention, then you can picture the likes of Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Donald Trump of The Apprentice, Barack Obama (the black man in the white house), Chief Obafemi Awolowo (founder of the first Nigerian university and builder of the first TV station in Africa which is now the largest TV network in Africa), Philip Emegwali (the Nigerian builder of, arguably, the fastest computer in the world), Bill gates of Microsoft, Michael Dell of Dell computers and all the other inventors or researchers who have made life a lot easier for us.
Apart from showing each other love, information is the best thing we can share with ourselves. A man’s life can be run down by information and it can also be built by information. We have been told that in the absence of protein there is kwashiorkor so let me conclude by saying that in the absence of information, there is deformation.
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

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