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I know that more than half of the people who are reading this at the moment are gainfully employed in one job or the other. Some of you probably own your businesses or render services to people and you earn something on daily basis. If that is the case then you must be wondering why you still need to be told that work is one of the ingredients of success. My first question to you would be, ‘how many people have become successful doing the things they are doing even though they may have been at it for long?’ There are so many people who are working but some will be at it for years and with nothing to show yet there are those who will be at it for a short while and they will have something to show.
One of the things we need to know or remember when it comes to work is that you do not just work in order to make money as so many other people. There are far too many people who are strictly working to make money. Some of them make the money at the end of the day and many of them never smell the money after several years.
Why does it happen that some make money and others don’t make money even though they seem to be doing the same job? Sometimes you need to check the attitude of the different people you are trying to compare! It is not only important to be able to work but you must have a good attitude at the work you are doing. You need to believe in either working very hard or working very smart. I always advocate working very smart but at least you need to work with your hands, legs and brains at all times. If you find a work that you want to do either for the money or for the fact that you do not want to be seen as a lazy person, you have to do it with your heart!
The day your heart stops being with the work you are doing, you are mostly likely going to start losing the blessings that come with the work. That’s why you cannot just work for the money alone. You have to work with all your heart and I must say that you really do not have to force your heart to be in any job. When you force your heart to remain in a job you will soon lose your peace. There are certain things we can force ourselves to do and there are things we can fall in love with naturally. Just as people who naturally fall in love will enjoy their relationships, anyone doing the kind of work he or she naturally loves will enjoy the work for a long time and will be blessed for doing that work.
Let me make it a little more simple in short and straight to the point sentences: It is important to work but your heart should be in the work. Your attitude to work will be more important than the work itself. With a right attitude at work you can go farther than you bargained for. Once your heart is no longer in the work there is no point staying on it.
Hard work pays but working smarter pays more. That explains why some people get good results and some people don’t. You don’t have a life yet if you do not have any work!
Whatever the case is with you, maybe you are already working or you are about to start working, you have to set out on a mission and know what you are working for. There are still too many people who are working and they think that they only reason they are working is money. That’s why such people get close to retirement and they realize that they’ve wasted so many precious years when they were young and that they could have been more productive.
You should never wait till you are sixty when the government asks you to quit or when you do not have any energy to continue what you are doing before realizing the importance of working with your heart and not only your head and hands.
I think you can also do any type of work that so many other people are doing but what will make the difference will be your heart or your attitude and purpose for the work! So don’t just work! Work with your heart. Work with your head. Work with an attitude!
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