Innovate – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There was a time we only had pocket watches and those watches had chains attached to them but you would spend some time trying to reach these watches in your pockets when you really need to check what time it is. After a while someone thought it would be nicer to have the watches on our wrists since it would be easier to check the watch that way. After someone thought differently we began to have wrist watches.
Several years back anything that needed to be written was written on scrolls and stones. Everybody who needed to have a copy of the written materials could not so the only option was to have the written material in a place like museum or a temple where everyone could go in to read. Even at that time not everybody read these things. Someone had to pick up the scroll and read to the hearing of others. With these there was no time to reread what was read and it probably gave a little time for mediation so someone thought of something to do so that everyone who needs to have a copy of these writings can have them. After someone thought differently we began to have papers and we also had ink to write on them.
When writing began people had to use some special brushes and small containers of ink. The brushes would go into the containers for a zip of ink and then come out for a romance with the papers. Sometimes the writers’ clothes were stained by the ink. There was a need to do something different from what was already available and even make it simpler. After someone thought differently we began to have ball point pens.
People learnt how to write but not everyone could write legibly and that meant it was a little more stressful for readers to read what someone else wrote even when it was compulsory for them to read. Someone was thinking about the difficulty of people not having legible handwriting but some else was thinking about solution. After someone thought differently we began to have type writers.
Type writers made the written papers more legible and easy to read but it still had its problems. When you had to type several papers you probably have to type the same thing again and again until you were tired of doing the typing but while this was a challenge someone else saw it as an opportunity to produce photocopiers. Computers that could type and just send orders to printers to print as many as possible papers later came in to make the written words more legible and beautiful.
All of these things that I have talked about simply explain what it means to innovate. Imagine what life will look like if we all want to go to school and we all have to use a scroll in the 21st century? What do you think it will look like if we all have to write and the only thing available for writing is a paint brush? Innovation is simply about looking at what is available and thinking about doing it differently. You can say that innovation is improving on what exists. It has always been a part of humanity to have things documented but documentation started in a crude way. It was the desire to make documentation easier that brought the innovation of computers today.
Sometimes innovation is to think in a projective manner. Taking a look at what is happening and taking a look at how the needs of people are being met through services. When you always take a good look at the way the services of people are being met


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