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There are two basic things you have to do in life in order for you to get business ideas that can help you succeed. Many people do not understand that there are only two of such steps and they may begin to struggle with what they are not supposed to struggle with! If you want business opportunities you can only INVENT or INNOVATE! I think it will take some extreme ingenuity to be able to invent but all you will need to be able to innovate will be some measure of creativity. Everybody has the ability to either invent or innovate but truth be told, not too many people will be able to invent but they will always be faced with some situations in their lives that will simply require innovating.
To make this clear we should look at some of the things that have been invented and what has become of them over the years! You will remember that the it was the Wright brothers who invented an airplane but it’s not the same airplane they invented that we are flying in today! They were the ones who got the breakthrough of invention with planes but several other people have innovated and have simply created other airplanes following the principles and techniques they used to invent theirs. It would have been foolish for other plane manufacturers to say that they are not going to follow the tools used by the Wright Brothers and they still want to invent theirs. Someone has made the job easier for them and all they just need to do is to work on what has been created and modify it.
When you talk about invention and innovation you should know that the difference is really big but all you will need to take advantage of that difference is just wisdom. To invent is to create something completely new. It never existed before and has not been thought of. You can say that it is the first ever to be created. The first airplane is an invention. The first car is an invention. The first phone is an invention but the subsequent ones are not! The subsequent ones have been modified to meet the present needs or to serve the current society that we live in and that innovation! Innovation is about creating something new from what already existed.
You need to be careful when talking about innovation because some people may think that innovation is stealing other people’s ideas and changing one or two things to call it their own. Innovation is just about using something that already existed, adding something new on your mind and making it relevant to a need in the society. We used to have local lanterns in the old days and they had physical fire in them but at some point, something else was created to serve the same purpose as the lantern without having the physical fire but it’s called a torch light!
You need to look around and see what already exists in other to create what you need and make it a product or service for other people to buy. Remember that all you will need to do is to get a business idea either by inventing or innovating. Get to your thinking desk now. Think, create, invent and bring solutions to your world!
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