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Often times when we intend to motivate people to stand out we usually tell them to do that because we are referring to the crowd in the work place or in the country where they live and some other areas of their lives but we barely have people to call Christians to become real and stand out of the church crowd. I must say that the church has an intimidating crowd today and pastors have already taken pleasure in bragging about the size of their congregation, for those who have a very large auditorium, and others have begun to brag about how many services they run every Sunday. This same church crowd accommodates thieves, liars, fornicators, men who shed the blood of others and still come to church to pay tithe! What about the flirting that goes on in the church between married and unmarried folks?
While some are still conscious of the real goals of Christians I think too many people are already missing the main thing! In one of my recent articles I asked if this church will get us to heaven but this time, it’s not going to be about the church or what the pastor says and does not say! It’s about why you as an individual are still in the crowd and not standing out of it!
Are you just a part of the crowd in the church or are you a significant part of God’s kingdom? I saw a Mount Zion film last night and the scene that caught my attention captured a young lady who was having marital problems even though she was a part of the church and she went there regularly! The other lady she was talking to knew so well that she was just another attendee in the church whose presence meant nothing and the church has not gotten a chance to turn her life around. She went a step further to talk about why different people go to church and we just can’t, for those reasons outside of chasing God, call them Christians! It was mentioned that some go to church for business connections, miracles, healing and a few others go to church as just another social gathering!
Amazingly if you are a Nigerian then you will understand that a lot of people in this country go to church because it’s weird for you not to go to church on Sundays in this country when you say you are a Christian. It therefore has become a culture or another tradition to visit the church every Sunday and probably use that as an avenue to show of your new cloths because some people now wear their best only on Sundays! The new thing in vogue right now amongst some slightly big churches is where some of the families in church are eager to get to church and get a good parking spot just to show off the family’s car! While I maintain that there is nothing wrong with buying and using a good car because I also like very good cars especially when you have to be on the road a lot but we must not make the focus of our church attendance the kind of cars that we drive! I remember that Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo once said that, ‘it’s not the car that you drive but it is what’s driving you as a person!’ So the question what is driving you? Is it the Holy Spirit or the kind of car you can afford?
It’s time for us to become more conscious of the real things in the Bible from which we are being taught every week! There are very serious assignments for us in the Bible like winning souls, touching people’s lives, feeding people, clothing the poor, putting a roof over people’s heads and so on! As much as God delights in blessing us with all the good things of life I think we need to remember that the reason God blesses us is for us to become a blessing to other people! Apart from becoming a blessing to other people, how are we different from the church crowd today!
I am honestly concerned when I sometimes see the crowd of the church and I often wonder what percentage of the crowd will make it to heaven! I have also just remembered that it’s also in this church crowd that the personal belongings of other people get missing! I have heard about vehicles being stolen in church before! I have also witnessed first-hand a man who stole from another lady immediately after one of the church services while we were trying to get into the church bus that would convey us to the car park!
You should just check yourself and be sure you are not just one out of the crowd because being a part of the crowd will not get you into heaven! You will stand separately to account for your life in heaven! Come out of the crowd today! Here’s my suggestion for coming out of the crowd:
If you know you have just been attending church all along then you now have to genuinely ask Jesus to become your personal Lord and Saviour.
You need to hear the real word of God because faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God.
Your speech and character really need to change because in the days of the apostles, they were identified as followers of Christ by their character and speech! When I say speech I don’t mean all the Christian slogans that we chant just for people to think we are Christians!
If you have been stealing then steal no more because the Bible says let him that steal, steal no more and work with his hands that he may even have to give unto others!
Set your heart on becoming models of God’s kingdom to others and on getting to heaven.
Once again, come out of the crowd now!
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