Integration as an integral part of business growth │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are several people whose businesses should be up there right now and flying high continuously but you will only see people with good ideas without anything solid to show that the good idea will translate to a good business. One of the reasons it does not look like anything will come out of the idea is because people have not been considering integration of several other people’s services or products into their own ideas or businesses so that they can drive their business.
When you give consideration to integration one of the things that can happen is that you have a product or service that not too many people can independently think about buying but another person has a product or service that is selling so fast. One of the simple things you can do is to seat and think carefully about how you will integrate your product or service into the other person’s work or idea that’s selling so fast. This is a key secret that some local traders in Nigeria understand and they are using it to get things done. I remember that my mum was keeping a provision store at a time and one of the things that the suppliers did at the time was to tell you that they will not sell certain products alone. When you want a particular product they will tell you that the products must be mixed with another one. When I carefully considered it I realized it was because one product was selling fast and the other was barely selling. The suppliers did not want a situation where one product would have been sold out and the other would be left so they tell you that you cannot buy one without the other.
That was, to an extent, integration in order to sell one product. The idea of business integration is to use one product or service to drive the sales of another product or service. You can also work your way around pushing your brand by identifying with another brand. You may be running a store today and it may look like people are not coming in as often as they should and when you consider bringing in someone who has products to meet daily needs, you may be surprised that as they coming for the other products they end up buying your product.
Businesses can thrive or take up from obscurity when you give serious consideration to integrating what other people have to offer into what you are offering. Never try to run alone and get things up alone. You may be terribly disappointed by the time you get mid-way.
Make things easier for yourself and fly on the platforms that others can possibly offer your business. I always remember the case of a young lawyer who went to see a reputable lawyer in town. As soon as the younger lawyer was identified with the reputable lawyer, people who could afford the services of the reputable lawyer began to patronize the younger. Your integration may not necessarily mean that you are merging your business with that of another person physically but identifying with their brand to push yours productively!
Integration works! Let the integration begin!

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